Angelo: Brawl Stars character guide, skills, skins & more

Angelo Brawl Stars

Meet the first of the newest Brawlers in Season 24 of Brawl Stars, Angelo! Get to know more about the character, his skills, and more!

The recent Brawl Talk from the Brawl Stars‘ official YouTube introduced one of their newest Brawlers to join the battle arena. Angelo, an Epic sharpshooter Brawler, would be joining Willow’s trio.

In this guide, you will learn more about the Brawler. This includes his skills, skins, and release date. With the Brawl Talk confirming that he is coming in Season 24, you can prepare and learn all about him in advance!

Angelo: Brawl Stars character guide, skills, skins & more 1

Angelo Character Guide

Angelo is the first character to arrive in the update for Season 24 of Brawl Stars. He is an Epic brawler and a Cupid-like sharpshooter who can hover over the water like a mosquito, giving him an advantage over the other brawlers in the current roster.

Unlike Cupid, who is usually depicted as handsome, he is quite the opposite. People are “repulsed” by him, as we would with real mosquitoes. The Brawler lives in a swampy love tunnel in Starr Park. He loves to gossip and cause trouble, making the other brawlers fight one another.

Angelo’s Skills


This Brawler can move over water.

Angelo will be able to move on and across water obstacles in Brawl Stars battles.

Main Attack

Hold the aim to charge up your shots.

He is a Sharpshooter who can deal long-range damage to his enemies. His attacks are arrows, with hearts appearing once they hit an opponent. He also has a unique perk wherein the longer the attack button is held, the more powerful his attacks are.

He can hover over any water with the use of his wings, just like a real mosquito would. This allows him to have an advantage over the other Brawlers on the roster.


Angelo: Brawl Stars character guide, skills, skins & more 2

Welcome to the Swamp: “Angelo creates a poison cloud that lasts for 8 seconds and damages enemies. While in the cloud, Angelo’s arrows become poisoned, dealing extra damage over time.”

When using his Super, he summons a part of the swamp that forms a green circle with green smoke that shortly appears as hearts. Any opponent who runs inside the toxic circle will receive damage over time. If he is in side his own swamp circle, his main attack becomes more potent as it adds poison in his arrows. This would cause passive ongoing damage over time.


Angelo: Brawl Stars character guide, skills, skins & more 3

Stinging Flight: Fly into the air for 1.0 seconds. Drains 660 health from nearby enemies on takeoff

Stinging Flight provides Angelo with a dynamic escape or engagement tool by allowing him to leap over obstacles and damage nearby foes upon takeoff. This Gadget enhances Angelo’s mobility significantly, making him even more elusive.

Angelo: Brawl Stars character guide, skills, skins & more 4

Master Fletcher: The next Take Aim pierces enemies and the environment

Master Fletcher is also noteworthy for modes like Knockout and Bounty, where piercing shots can be game-changing.

Star Powers

Angelo: Brawl Stars character guide, skills, skins & more 5

Empower: Staying inside the Super will heal Angelo for 600 per second

For Angelo, Empower is a remarkable survival tool that heals him while he stands in his Super’s toxic area. This Star Power is invaluable, providing Angelo with a sustain mechanism that allows him to stay in the fray longer, especially when combined with his natural agility.

Angelo: Brawl Stars character guide, skills, skins & more 6

Flow: Angelo gains 25% increased movement speed after entering water

Flow is another Star Power that could offer Angelo a strategic advantage on water-rich maps with increased movement speed.

Angelo Skins

Angelo: Brawl Stars character guide, skills, skins & more 7

Angelo’s first skin is named “Elf Angelo,” which follows an elf motif with a green color scheme. The price for the skin would be 29 Gems. He now has a green elf hat instead of his purple antenna and leaf-like wings. His skin color went from light green to a more human tone, as well as showcasing a black pirate-like eyepatch.

Angelo Release Date

Angelo will be released in the Starr Road on March 7, 2024.

He will also be accompanied by the arrival of another Brawler, Melodie, as part of the Sands of Time update. Angelo’s arrival follows the introduction of new Hypercharges for some of the characters, a new Ranked mode, and a new Solo mode, “Trophy Escape.”

His exact release date is yet to be announced, but it would surely arrive at the same time as the Season 24 update.

As Brawl Stars opposite-Cupid arrives in Brawl Stars Season 24, “Sands of Time,” many players either want to play as him or absolutely would want nothing to do with him. There’s plenty to look forward to in the release of one of the newest Brawlers in the game. Stay tuned for more Brawl Stars announcements and news!

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