Stardew Valley Marriage: Everything you need to know

Stardew Valley Marriage

Tying the knot in Stardew Valley is more than just a romantic escapade; it’s a journey filled with friendship, gifts, and memorable moments.

Stardew Valley is not just a game about farming; it’s a deep dive into a world where you can build relationships, engage in various activities, and create a life in a vibrant, ever-changing environment. This open-ended country-life RPG allows you to inherit your grandfather’s farm, bringing with it the challenge of turning an overgrown field into a thriving community space, all while navigating the complexities introduced by the Joja Corporation.

Today’s guide focuses on one of the most endearing aspects of Stardew Valley: Marriage. Whether you’re pursuing a heartfelt connection with one of the villagers or looking to understand the benefits and responsibilities of marriage in the game, this guide has you covered.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get married in Stardew Valley? Or maybe you’re curious about how marriage affects your daily farm life. Well, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of building relationships, popping the question, and living the married life in Stardew Valley.

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Wedding and marriage in Stardew Valley (u/motherofcoons)

The Marriage Candidates

There are a total of 12 marriage candidates in the vanilla version (no mods) of Stardew Valley. Whatever the gender of your farmer, you may pursue any of these characters:

Male candidates:

Stardew Valley Marriage: Everything you need to know 2

Alex: The aspiring athlete with dreams of professionalism, Alex’s cocky demeanor may hide deeper insecurities. Winning his heart involves understanding his true self beyond the facade.

Elliott: The beachside novelist, Elliott, seeks inspiration for his next great work. Romance with him involves engaging in his romantic ideals and supporting his literary dreams.

Harvey: The town’s compassionate doctor, Harvey, harbors a quiet sadness and a dedication to the well-being of Pelican Town’s residents. Building a relationship with him means caring for the community and understanding the importance of his work.

Sam: With a love for music and a youthful spirit, Sam’s energy is infectious. His quest for forming a band and dealing with family responsibilities offers a dynamic path to his heart.

Sebastian: The introverted programmer and gamer living in his parent’s basement, Sebastian craves understanding and acceptance. Connecting with him involves respecting his independence and sharing in his hobbies.

Shane: Struggling with personal demons, Shane’s journey from despair to hope is profound. Supporting him through his struggles and appreciating his simpler dreams can lead to a meaningful relationship.

Female candidates:

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Abigail: Abigail is known for her “alternative lifestyle,” often found exploring graveyards or enjoying rainstorms. Her interest in the occult and vibrant blue hair makes her stand out. Abigail might be your ideal match if you’re drawn to a partner who embraces the unconventional and has a strong sense of independence.

Emily: Emily’s passion for tailoring and making her own clothes highlights her creative spirit. Working evenings at The Stardrop Saloon, she values gifts like cloth and wool. For those who appreciate creativity and a strong work ethic, Emily could be the one with whom you share a deep, artistic connection.

Haley: Initially presented as conceited and superficial, Haley’s character arc offers a journey of growth and self-discovery. If you’re interested in someone who evolves over time, revealing depth and a capacity for change, Haley’s journey from superficiality to substance might resonate with you.

Leah: Leah’s love for the outdoors and her talent in art, coupled with her nervousness about public display, paint her as the quintessential introverted artist. If a quiet, artistic life, filled with appreciation for nature and creativity, appeals to you, Leah could be your soulmate in Stardew Valley.

Maru: With a background in gadget creation and a job at the local clinic, Maru embodies ambition and intellect. Maru’s innovative spirit might capture your heart if you’re attracted to an outgoing, ambitious partner with a knack for science and invention.

Penny: Living a modest life with her mother, Penny’s aspirations are simple yet profound: to settle down and start a family. Her kindness, teaching role, and love for reading showcase her nurturing spirit. If you’re looking for someone with a big heart and values that align with family and education, Penny could be your perfect match.

Getting started with romance

To kick things off, you must know that marriage is only an option with villagers labeled “single” in the Social tab. Building a relationship to the point of marriage involves reaching 10 hearts of friendship, preceded by gifting a bouquet at 8 hearts to signal your romantic intentions. The journey begins with daily interactions and gift-giving tailored to the preferences of your chosen partner.

Dating and proposing

Upon reaching a significant level of friendship, you can buy a bouquet from Pierre’s General Store to indicate your romantic interest. This gesture allows your relationship to progress beyond friendship, setting the stage for eventual marriage.

When the time is right, proposing marriage involves presenting a Mermaid’s Pendant, a special item that can be bought for 5,000g from the Old Mariner found at the tidal pools after the bridge is restored on the Beach. When the pendant is accepted, there will be a date on the Calendar with a Mermaid’s Pendant icon signifying the wedding day.

The big wedding day

Your wedding occurs three days after the proposal, marking a new chapter in your Stardew Valley life. Married life brings new dynamics to your farm; your spouse can help with chores, give gifts, and even change the farmhouse’s appearance. A happy spouse contributes significantly to farm life, offering tangible benefits like watering crops or feeding animals.

Maintaining the spark

Marriage in Stardew Valley isn’t without its challenges. Regular interactions with your spouse are crucial to prevent decay in your relationship level. Moreover, jealousy can occur if you give gifts to other marriageable villagers, adding a layer of complexity to village social dynamics.

The possibility of children

Stardew Valley Marriage: Everything you need to know 4
Children in Stardew Valley (u/eggbynch)

For players interested in expanding their family, children become an option once certain conditions are met, such as upgrading your farmhouse the second time to add the nursery. Your spouse would ask whether you want to have or adopt children (same-sex couples would adopt, opposite-sex would have biological children.

If you no longer like your spouse, get a divorce

When you no longer wish to be married to your spouse, you may head to the Mayor’s Manor to find a small book that gives you the option to divorce. This would cost 50,000g, but you would still have the chance to cancel before the manor closes at 10pm. If the divorce pushes through, unique areas such as the spouse’s room would be gone, and the friendship level would return to 0 hearts. They would also be labeled as “(ex)” in the social menu.

If you believe you made a mistake in divorcing your ex-spouse, you can head to the Witch’s Hut where a shrine can be offered 30,000g to erase all of the ex-spouses’ memories (and even Krobus). This would allow you to date and remarry your ex-spouse.

In Stardew Valley, marriage is a significant commitment beyond the wedding ceremony. It’s about building and maintaining a relationship, contributing to farm life, and experiencing the joys and challenges of family life. Whether you’re seeking companionship or aiming to immerse yourself fully in the Stardew Valley community, marriage offers a fulfilling path to explore.

Embark on the romantic journey of marriage in Stardew Valley and discover the depth of relationships in this charming world, from winning hearts to building a life together with your chosen partner.

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