Stardew Valley Cooking: All Recipes & Most Profitable Ones

Stardew Valley Cooking: All Recipes & Most Profitable Ones 1

Embark on a culinary adventure in Stardew Valley to unlock all recipes, enhance your gameplay with food buffs, and discover how cooking can also be a source of profit.

Unlocking and mastering the plethora of recipes in Stardew Valley is more than just a fun pastime—it’s a strategy to enrich your farming experience. As you enhance your farmhouse with a kitchen, the culinary world of Stardew Valley opens up, offering you the chance to craft dishes that replenish health, provide buffs, and even turn a profit. This guide will walk you through unlocking recipes, detail every recipe available, and highlight those particularly profitable dishes that can add to your gold reserves.

Stardew Valley Cooking menu
Cooking recipes in the menu (Level Push)

How to Unlock Stardew Valley Recipes

Unlocking recipes in Stardew Valley is straightforward but requires effort and socializing. Watching “The Queen of Sauce” on TV is a primary way to learn new recipes, as is befriending villagers who share their cooking secrets as your relationship deepens. You could also head to the Stardrop Saloon to buy some recipes there.

To start your cooking journey, upgrade your farmhouse to include a kitchen. Reaching Level 9 of foraging also unlocks the Cookout Kit, which allows you to cook anywhere.

All Stardew Valley Recipes

Stardew Valley Cooking: All Recipes & Most Profitable Ones 2

Stardew Valley boasts an expansive list of over 80 recipes, each with its own set of ingredients, energy and health benefits, and potential buffs. Starting with the Fried Egg and expanding to complex dishes like the Seafoam Pudding, players can cook various foods that help on the farm and in combat, fishing, and mining.

Each recipe requires specific ingredients to be grown on your farm, foraged in the wild, fished from the waters, or purchased from local shops. The diversity of recipes allows players to tailor their cooking to their current in-game needs, from hearty meals like the Complete Breakfast, which boosts farming and energy, to the Lucky Lunch, which enhances luck.

Note: No number indication means only one of those ingredients is required.

FoodIngredientsWhere to get recipe
Fried EggEggStarter
OmeletEgg, MilkStardrop Saloon 100g
The Queen of Sauce
28 Spring, Year 1
PancakesWheat Flour, EggStardrop Saloon 100g
The Queen of Sauce
14 Summer, Year 1
Maki RollAny Fish, Seaweed, RiceStardrop Saloon 300g
The Queen of Sauce
21 Summer, Year 1
BreadWheat FlourStardrop Saloon 100g
The Queen of Sauce
28 Summer, Year 1
TortillaCornStardrop Saloon 100g
The Queen of Sauce
7 Fall, Year 1
PizzaWheat Flour, Tomato, CheeseStardrop Saloon 150g
The Queen of Sauce
7 Spring, Year 2
HashbrownsPotato, OilStardrop Saloon 50g
The Queen of Sauce
14 Spring, Year 2
Triple Shot Espresso3x CoffeeStardrop Saloon 5,000g
Stir FryCave Carrot, Common Mushroom, Kale, OilThe Queen of Sauce
7 Spring, Year 1
ColeslawRed Cabbage, Vinegar, MayonnaiseThe Queen of Sauce
14 Spring, Year 1
Radish SaladOil, Vinegar, RadishThe Queen of Sauce
21 Spring, Year 1
Baked FishSunfish, Bream, Wheat FlourThe Queen of Sauce
7 Summer, Year 1
Glazed YamsYam, SugarThe Queen of Sauce
21 Fall, Year 1
Trout SoupRainbow Trout, Green AlgaeThe Queen of Sauce
14 Fall, Year 1
Artichoke DipArtichoke, MilkThe Queen of Sauce
28 Fall, Year 1
Plum PuddingWild Plum, Wheat Flour, SugarThe Queen of Sauce
7 Winter, Year 1
Chocolate CakeWheat Flour, Sugar, EggThe Queen of Sauce
14 Winter, Year 1
Pumpkin PiePumpkin, Wheat Flour, Milk, SugarThe Queen of Sauce
21 Winter, Year 1
Cranberry CandyCranberries, Apple, SugarThe Queen of Sauce
28 Winter, Year 1
Complete BreakfastFried Egg, Milk, Hashbrowns, PancakesThe Queen of Sauce
21 Spring, Year 2
Lucky LunchSea Cucumber, Tortilla, Blue JazzThe Queen of Sauce
28 Spring, Year 2
Carp Surprise4x CarpThe Queen of Sauce
7 Summer, Year 2
Maple BarMaple Syrup, Sugar, Wheat FlourThe Queen of Sauce
14 Summer, Year 2
Pink CakeMelon, Wheat Flour, Sugar, EggThe Queen of Sauce
21 Summer, Year 2
Roasted Hazelnuts3x HazelnutThe Queen of Sauce
28 Summer, Year 2
Fruit SaladBlueberry, Melon, ApricotThe Queen of Sauce
7 Fall, Year 2
Blackberry Cobbler2x Blackberry, Sugar, Wheat FlourThe Queen of Sauce
14 Fall, Year 2
Crab CakesCrab, Wheat Flour, Egg, OilThe Queen of Sauce
21 Fall, Year 2
Fiddlehead RisottoOil, Fiddlehead Fern, GarlicThe Queen of Sauce
28 Fall, Year 2
Poppyseed MuffinPoppy, Wheat Flour, SugarThe Queen of Sauce
7 Winter, Year 2
Lobster BisqueLobster, MilkThe Queen of Sauce
14 Winter, Year 2
Willy (Mail: +9 hearts)
BruschettaBread, Oil, TomatoThe Queen of Sauce
21 Winter, Year 2
Shrimp CocktailTomato, Shrimp, Wild HorseradishThe Queen of Sauce
28 Winter, Year 2
Survival BurgerBread, Cave Carrot, EggplantForaging Level 2
Farmer’s LunchOmelet, ParsnipFarming Level 3
Miner’s Treat2x Cave Carrot, Sugar, MilkMining Level 3
Dish O’ The Sea2x Sardine, HashbrownsFishing Level 3
Seafoam PuddingFlounder, Midnight Carp, Squid InkFishing Level 9
Roots PlatterCave Carrot, Winter RootCombat Level 3
Squid Ink RavioliSquid Ink, Wheat Flour, TomatoCombat Level 9
Parsnip SoupParsnip, Milk, VinegarCaroline (Mail: +3 hearts)
Fried CalamariSquid, Wheat Flour, OilCaroline (Mail: +3 hearts)
Vegetable MedleyTomato, BeetCaroline (Mail: +7 hearts)
Bean Hotpot2x Green BeanClint (Mail: +7 hearts)
Algae Soup4x Green AlgaeClint (Mail: +3 hearts)
Fried MushroomCommon Mushroom, Morel, Oil Demetrius (Mail: +3 hearts)
Autumn’s BountyYam, PumpkinDemetrius (Mail: +7 hearts)
SaladLeek, Dandelion, Vinegar Emily (Mail: +3 hearts)
Red PlateRed Cabbage, RadishEmily (Mail: +7 hearts)
CookieWheat Flour, Sugar, EggEvelyn (4 hearts event)
Rice PuddingMilk, Sugar, RiceEvelyn (Mail: +7 hearts)
Fried EelEel, OilGeorge (Mail: +3 hearts)
Spicy EelEel, Hot PepperGeorge (Mail: +7 hearts)
Salmon DinnerSalmon, Amaranth, KaleGus (Mail: +3 hearts)
Cranberry SauceCranberries, SugarGus (Mail: +7 hearts)
Ice CreamMilk, SugarJodi (Mail: +7 hearts)
Crispy BassLargemouth Bass, Wheat Flour, Oil Kent (Mail: +3 hearts)
Super MealBok Choy, Cranberries, ArtichokeKent (Mail: +7 hearts)
Poi4x Taro RootLeo (Mail: +3 hearts)
Mango Sticky RiceMango, Coconut, RiceLeo (Mail: +7 hearts)
SpaghettiWheat Flour, TomatoLewis (Mail: +3 hearts)
Eggplant ParmesanEggplant, TomatoLewis (Mail: +7 hearts)
SashimiAny FishLinus (Mail: +3 hearts)
Fish TacoTuna, Tortilla, Red Cabbage, MayonnaiseLinus (Mail: +7 hearts)
Pale Broth2x White AlgaeMarnie (Mail: +3 hearts)
Rhubarb PieRhubarb, Wheat Flour, SugarMarnie (Mail: +7 hearts)
Cheese CauliflowerCauliflower, CheesePam (Mail: +3 hearts)
StuffingBread, Cranberries, HazelnutPam (Mail: +7 hearts)
Blueberry TartBlueberry, Wheat Flour, Sugar, EggPierre (Mail: +3 hearts)
Pumpkin SoupPumpkin, MilkRobin (Mail: +7 hearts)
Tom Kha SoupCoconut, Shrimp, Common MushroomSandy (Mail: +7 hearts)
Strange BunWheat Flour, Periwinkle, Void MayonnaiseShane (Mail: +7 hearts)
Pepper PoppersHot Pepper, CheeseShane (Mail: +3 hearts)
ChowderClam, Milk Willy (Mail: +3 hearts)
Fish StewCrayfish, Mussel, Periwinkle, Tomato Willy (Mail: +7 hearts)
EscargotSnail, Garlic Willy (Mail: +5 hearts)
Ginger Ale3x Ginger, Sugar Dwarf Shop in Volcano Dungeon 1,000g
Banana PuddingBanana, Any Milk, SugarIsland Trader for x30 Bone Fragment
Tropical CurryCoconut, Pineapple, Hot Pepper Ginger Island Resort 2,000g

Top 5 Most Profitable Recipes

While most cooking recipes in Stardew Valley are designed more for their utility than profitability, there are a few exceptions:

5. Roots Platter

Sells for: 100g

This hearty dish, made from Cave Carrot and Winter Root, is a favorite among adventurers for its attack boost and a profitable choice for chefs. Both ingredients can be foraged or found in the mines, making the Roots Platter a cost-effective recipe for boosting your energy and wallet.

4. Fruit Salad

Sells for: 450g

A delightful mix of seasonal fruits, the Fruit Salad is a simple yet refreshing dish that utilizes ingredients like Blueberry, Melon, and Apricot. Given its use of readily available summer crops, creating and selling Fruit Salad can be a lucrative endeavor, especially if the fruits are harvested from your own farm, cutting down on costs.

3. Algae Soup

Sells for: 100g

Don’t let its simple appearance fool you; Algae Soup, crafted from four Green Algae, is surprisingly profitable. Algae is easily obtained while fishing, making this recipe an excellent way to utilize what might otherwise be considered a nuisance catch. Its health benefits and simplicity make it a dark horse in the cooking profit race.

2. Pale Broth

Sells for: 150g

Pale Broth is another unassuming yet profitable cooking recipe made from two White Algae. White Algae is often collected during mining and fishing adventures like its green counterpart. Turning this simple ingredient into a hearty broth transforms an essential item into a valuable commodity.

1. Sashimi

Sells for: 75g

Sashimi is the most profitable cooking recipe, especially for those who dedicate time to fishing. Almost any fish can be transformed into this elegant dish, significantly increasing the value of low-tier catches. Mastering Sashimi is necessary for those who enjoy fishing and want to maximize their haul’s profitability.

Some general tips for maximizing cooking profits include:

  • Focus on recipes that use common or easily foraged ingredients.
  • Pay attention to seasonal recipes that can take advantage of abundant crops.
  • Utilize Qi Seasoning to enhance both the quality and sale price of dishes.

Top 5 Food for Healing and Energy

  1. Cheese: Health +101, Energy +225 (gold-star). While it’s true that you’re not really cooking cheese, and it is one of the ingredients, it’s still a top pick whenever I do mining runs. Getting the gold-star quality may take a while, but it’s simply the best healing and energy food in Stardew Valley.
  2. Glazed Yam: Health +90, Energy +200. It can be easily made with a yam, which you can plant on your farm during Fall, and sugar, which can be bought at Pierre’s.
  3. Bean Hotpot: Health +56, Energy +125. Made from two Green Beans, this simple yet hearty dish provides a significant health boost upon consumption. Its ingredients are easily grown on your farm in spring. It also adds +30 max energy and +38 magnetism, which helps you in mining and logging.
  4. Pale Broth: Health +56, Energy +125. Another easy-to-make food that only needs two White Algae is the Pale Broth.
  5. Sashimi: Health +33, Energy +75. You can easily make it with fish you aren’t using or selling.

Cooking in Stardew Valley is an enriching experience that goes beyond the kitchen. It’s a way to engage with the community, improve your character’s abilities, and earn a profit.

Please make sure to leave your own tips for cooking in Stardew Valley in the comment section below, or share your thoughts!

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