Stardew Valley fan highlights huge “missed opportunity” in game mechanics

Stardew Valley fan highlights huge "missed opportunity" in game mechanics 1

A Stardew Valley fan shared what they believed is a “missed opportunity” in the game.

Stardew Valley is a cozy farming simulation game created by ConcernedApe and released in 2016. In it, players begin as farmers who have inherited their grandfather’s run-down farm in Pelican Town.

As the new farmer in town, players could plant and care for their crops and animals. They could also delve into the Mines and the Caverns to explore, mine, and fight off monsters, or they could go to town and meet the different villagers.

One of the villagers is the Wizard, who lives in his tower on the Western side of Cindersap Forest. A Stardew Valley player pointed out that it was a missed opportunity for players to become wizards in the game.

The player further detailed that despite having the Wizard in the game, players couldn’t learn spells, make potions, or use any real form of magic as far as they knew. They shared that they would love to become a wizard with their orchard below their tower, learning spells that they could use to obliterate unsuspecting green slimes.

Some Reddit users stated that Stardew Valley’s base game allows players to make basic potions, such as the Life Elixir, and its recipe is obtainable at Level 2 Combat. They also mentioned the Monster Musk (spawns more monsters) and the Oil of Garlic (prevents enemy spawning).

Knowing the ancient language in the game can also be magical on its own, as can the ability to use Warp Totems to teleport to places. The ability to teleport is only known to the Wizard, so it’s as close as players can get to becoming a wizard in the game.

Another player shared that one of the Wizard’s dialogues stated that he’s looking for an apprentice. “I am hoping to find an apprentice. Some day I will leave this mortal plane, but my arcane pursuits must continue.”

Stardew Valley wizard finding apprentice
The Wizard stating he’s looking for an apprentice (u/Khimer)

Some Stardew Valley players believe that Haunted Chocolatier, ConcernedApe’s upcoming game, would have more options for this. As shared by another fan, Haunted Chocolatier would be more combat-focused, thus believing that wizard abilities would be saved for it.

As fun as becoming a wizard may be in Stardew Valley, there are already a lot of activities and skills that players could focus on in the base game. However, they could also deep dive into mods as many magic mods are available. Players should also look forward to ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier, which is still in development.

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