Stardew Valley’s latest easter egg is a Terraria fan’s dream come true

Stardew Valley's latest easter egg is a Terraria fan's dream come true 1

One of Stardew Valley’s newest easter eggs is dedicated to Terraria, which will surely delight its fans! Spoilers ahead!

Stardew Valley is a relaxing, pixelated farming simulator developed and published by ConcernedApe. It was initially released in February 2016 and recently received a version 1.6 update with new content and bug fixes.

On the other hand, Terraria is a pixelated 2D sandbox action-packed platformer game developed and published by Re-Logic and released in May 2011. The developers of these two games have interacted in the past, which indicates their good relationship.

Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update introduced many changes to the game, including new Easter eggs, such as truffle rock crabs players encounter on their farms. Another easter egg was shared on Reddit, which would definitely surprise Terraria fans!

In the Reddit post, the Stardew Valley player shared the steps on how others could achieve the easter egg. They noted that it’s a fairly small event but find it a big deal to be in the game. To experience the easter egg, players must follow these steps:

Acquire an Ancient Doll, which can be found using your hoe on worm tiles, in the mines, or in treasure chests while fishing. Then, take this Ancient Doll to Floor 100 in the Mines with a lava pool and throw it by right-clicking on the PC. There will be a worm-like monster, reminiscent of the Bone Serpent in Terraria, that will drop a Far Away Stone. You can then take this to the Wizard’s Basement, unlocked by having four hearts with him.

The item can be placed in the far right with the tree branches in the basement. This reminded me of how we placed the crystal to trigger the Old One’s Army event in Terraria. Afterward, a portal with Terraria in the background would appear, and a cat would bring you a Meowmere.

In Terraria, the Meowmere is one of the weapons that can be dropped by the Moon Lord, the final boss of the Celestial event. When you swing with the Meowmere in Terraria, rainbow projectiles or nyan cats damage enemies when hit.

I had to try it on my own save file since I love both games. Even such a small event makes me happy to be reminded of my journey in Terraria. Throwing the Ancient Doll gave nostalgia as Terraria players throw the Guide Voodoo doll into the lava of the Underworld to summon the Wall of Flesh, another boss. It’s even nice to see the Bone Serpent make a cameo, even though I hated going against them since they passed through the background.

The newest Stardew Valley update brings a lot of new content, and players can expect more easter eggs in the game. Be on the lookout for more Stardew Valley guides and finds, such as this one here on Level Push!

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