Stardew Valley player discovers hint that Pierre might not be Abigail’s father

Stardew Valley Abigail

A Stardew Valley fan has found a hint that Pierre might not be Abigail’s true father, but another villager might be.

Stardew Valley is a beloved game in the simulation community. It is a farming simulation game developed by ConcernedApe and was released in February 2016. The game offers freedom to its players, letting them live the farmer life they want.

While the game offers many activities, such as farming, fishing, mining, foraging, and caring for animals, players could also visit towns and other locations to meet and converse with the villagers.

As one talks daily to the villagers, they would get to know more about each person. They could learn about their hobbies, friends and family, and more. Sometimes, it’s even things that are a little too sensitive to share with just anybody.

One Stardew Valley player was casually talking to Caroline when she said something peculiar. Caroline said: “When we first moved to Pelican Town I would take secret walks to the Wizard’s tower. Don’t tell Pierre, he has jealousy issues.” This made them wonder if this was the reason why Abigail’s hair was purple. They insinuated that the Wizard, a villager with the same hair color as Abigail, might be her father.

In one of the Wizard’s dialogues, they stated they had reason to believe that one of the locals might be their daughter. Pierre, Abigail’s supposed father, later questioned whether she looked anything like him. He then wondered whether he was really her father.

In one of Abigail’s dialogues, she revealed that she couldn’t remember the last time she dyed her hair. She indicated that the purple in her hair never faded. A player believed that Abigail was Pierre’s child, as she previously had light chestnut hair.

They also thought that the purple hair not washing out is because Stardew is stuck in time due to it being a game, like how Vincent stays as a child even if 100 years pass in the game.

Stardew Valley dialogues
Dialogue from Stardew Valley villagers (u/bsnakas)
Stardew Valley player discovers hint that Pierre might not be Abigail's father 1
Dialogue suggesting Abigail’s real hair color (u/rslash-Mali)

Another Stardew Valley player theorized that Caroline might be the Wizard’s daughter instead of them having an affair. Her green hair color isn’t something of the norm within the valley. They continued that Abigail’s hair retaining the purple dye may indicate that she’s the wizard’s granddaughter.

They then stated that both Caroline and Abigail were drawn to the Wizard’s tower but believed that Caroline wouldn’t admit to it if she’d been having an affair. They also shared that the Wizard would probably know who his daughter would be if he’d been with Caroline but only had a hunch that he had a daughter instead.

Everything about this is up in the air as there’s no clear-cut answer on who the Wizard’s daughter is or whether Abigail is actually Pierre’s child. What’s clear is that the 1.6 update is coming this March 2024, and there’s more content to look forward to!

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