Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update boosts your slash game with a big sword swing fix

Stardew Valley's 1.6 update boosts your slash game with a big sword swing fix 1

The upcoming 1.6 update for Stardew Valley will improve your slashing with the big sword swing fix.

Stardew Valley is a cozy pixelated farming simulation developed by ConcernedApe and released for PC in 2016. In the following years, other platforms, such as mobile, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, followed.

While players would spend a lot of time on their farm tending their crops and spending time with the cows and chickens, they could still want to experience adventure. They could visit the town to meet new people or explore the mines and caverns.

It is important to bring the right tools when exploring the mines, such as a pickaxe and a weapon like a sword. However, facing to the left or right would give a bigger advantage than facing downward. ConcernedApe shared that they made it that way so that the area of effect would match the visual.

One of the patch notes for the upcoming 1.6 update, which will be released on March 19, detailed that there’ll now be an extended area of effect for downward-facing melee attacks. The Stardew Valley dev shared that this would apply to all weapons, including clubs and daggers, but not to tools such as pickaxes.

A fan asked whether the dev had the same issue in Haunted Chocolatier, another game being developed by ConcernedApe, which prompted him to apply the change in Stardew Valley. The dev replied that they always had this in mind for Haunted Chocolatier and drew player animations in a way that matches with hitboxes better. This made them rethink the combat animations for Stardew Valley, as they were being more deliberate to ensure that each direction was viable in combat.

To testify that it is indeed harder to hit when facing downwards, I dived into the 110th floor of the Mines with my trusty Bone Sword.

I first encountered a Squid Kid with only 1 HP, easy. I then spotted a Lava Crab and thought it would be a breeze too, until the red mist came, which signaled that many flying enemies were coming. I don’t know if it’s lucky to be swarmed for research purposes.

The pain of downward melee strikes in Stardew Valley (Level Push)

As seen in my clip, there were many times when I missed a hit despite the enemy being in the radius of my swing. It was 100% easier to hit when facing sideways compared to downwards. This change in the 1.6 update will help me in combat.

Many players are looking forward to the many fixes and new content in the 1.6 update for Stardew Valley, and I am one of them. Stay tuned here on Level Push for more patch notes, news, and guides!

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