League of Legends World Champion calls out “game-breaking” hitbox issue in new map 1

Legendary botlaner T1 Gumayusi has exposed “game-breaking” hitbox issues with Jhin’s skills in League of Legends’s new map terrain.

Riot Games recently released the new League of Legends Summoners Rift map for the 2024 Season. However, many players discovered terrain issues and bugs on the map that could severely affect gameplay quality and may even make or break your ranked games. 

T1 Gumayusi, one of the most renowned and decorated players in the game’s pro scene, showed the bug in one of his recent streams. In this clip, Gumayusi shows that Jhin’s skills and ultimate seem to have hitbox issues when facing a downward angle on the map. 

League of Legends new map hitbox bug 

In the clip, Gumayusi used both Jhin’s Deadly Flourish (W skill) and Curtain Call (Ultimate), both skills showing that the hitbox doesn’t align with the visuals of the dummy.

The pro player then asks his audience whether the hitbox “makes sense,” showing his frustration with the new map bug. 

League of Legends players and T1 fans took to Reddit to comment on the hitbox bug. Most of the comments expressed dismay over the issue, with some noting that they “wouldn’t understand” why an elevation mechanic exists in the MOBA Game. 

Meanwhile, other users commented that they experienced the same problem when using Jhin in the updated map. One user noted that even if a Champion is out of Jhin’s ultimate indicator, they could still hit and kill the character. 

Some comments came up with an explanation, suggesting that it is not a “hitbox bug” but a “visual problem.” 

It is noteworthy that the terrain hitbox difference is most visible on Jhin and other marksmen’s skills as their range and the straight path of their skills are most affected by the elevation. 

According to some comments on the Gumayusi YouTube clip above, it is more beneficial for players to aim at the bottom of the hitbox (on the Champion’s feet) when facing downhill. 

However, many League of Legends players are still dismayed by the terrain difference, with some calling the mechanic “game-breaking.” Others recalled an instance in which it affected a pro match, sharing that it happened during

As of now, there is no sign that Riot Games intends to patch this visual problem or change the game’s terrain mechanics. 

Do you think the terrain mechanic should be removed in League of Legends, or is this a simple “visual problem,” as other players suggest? 

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