League of Legends shutdown system slammed after “most bizarre” case yet

League of Legends shutdown system slammed after "most bizarre" case yet 1

A League of Legends clip from Nemesis has sparked debate on the design of shutdowns and bounties in the game.

Among the most critical aspects of a League of Legends game is the gold – which determines a player’s level, skills, and the items under their belt. This is why shutdowns are essential to catch up on your enemy’s level. 

In League of Legends, the shutdown mechanic lets dominating players accrue bounties, which give enemies an opportunity to catch up on levels and skills. Generally, a player will have a bonus over their heads if they’re ahead in kills, assists, and gold through minion farms. 

However, a shutdown clip from Nemesis on YouTube sparked a heated discussion within the player community on the mechanics of obtaining bounties in the game. 

League of Legends player gets “shut down” at zero kills and assists

In the clip, Nemesis is faced against a Janna in the mid-lane 12 minutes into the game. Despite having a 0/0/0 KDA, the Janna obtains a 150 Gold bonus bounty upon taking down the player’s Smolder, much to his surprise and dismay. 

He further explains in a replay of the game that his team is behind in gold compared to their opponents, so there is absolutely no reason for the system to give bounties to the team ahead in the game. 

Another LoL player shared the clip on Reddit and garnered mutual reactions and disappointment on the seemingly random way the game rewards bounties and shutdowns. One comment even calls the bounty system for both objectives and shutdowns on League “garbage.” 

It seems like the shutdown system confuses many players. Some argue for experiences where their team is behind, but they’re ahead on their lane with a bounty. In contrast, some argue for the exact opposite, wherein their team is ahead, but they’re lagging in KDA stats. 

For some players, League of Legends’ comeback mechanic “doesn’t work as intended,” as the designation of shutdowns, who’s ahead and who’s not, and even the gold accrued in the bounty are all under a blurry system. 

Regarding quality-of-life improvements, one player suggested that it would be more beneficial to have bounties “more often in less amounts.” At the same time, some clamor for the return of laser nexus turrets that seasoned League of Legends players are more familiar with.

While most players wait for a patch detailing the grounds for bounty mechanics and shutdowns, it is safe to say that League of Legends players must be more prepared for head-scratching comeback moments, given the current system.

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