League of Legends players slam “cheap” mastery icon update

League of Legends players slam “cheap” mastery icon update 1

Players are not fans of the new Champion mastery icons and emotes, which the League of Legends community is calling “cheap and gaudy.”

League of Legends players seem to resonate with the quote, “Do not fix what is not broken,” regarding the updated Champion mastery icons. However, the community has slammed the update for its poor design compared to the iconic mastery badges. 

Aside from the player’s ranking, Champion Mastery is another way of showing your League of Legends prowess. This badge is extra special for players who want to show their expertise over a specific Champion, especially those with beloved mains and dedicated Champions. 

On a Reddit post in the MOBA game’s discussion thread, a player cuts to the chase and calls the new badges “ugly” and says it’s reminiscent of “cheap mobile games.” 

League of Legends devs to release overhauled Champion Mastery system by summer

Riot Games announced changes to the Champion Mastery system early in the 2024 Season. They also announced overhauled visuals of Champion Mastery crests and emotes, detailing that the new design takes inspiration from Mount Targon, an important location in LoL’s Runeterra world. 

League of Legends players slam “cheap” mastery icon update 2

Aside from the visual changes, the devs behind League of Legends uncapped Champion Mastery in the update. This means a “maximum” mastery level does not hinder you and can keep showing your favorite Champions’ unmatched expertise!

While the devs were eager to roll out the changes to the crests, LoL players seemed adamant about change. More comments on the Reddit post called the new crests “overdesigned and gaudy,” with some expressing their preference for the “iconic” older emotes

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Given the seemingly wide disapproval of League of Legends fans over the update, players can at least hope for some changes on the Champion Mastery rollout. 

Riot Games asked for player feedback over the Mastery overhaul and promised to stay in touch with the community before ultimately releasing the changes this coming summer. 

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