League of Legends players explain why Zac and Evelynn should be “permabanned” in ranked games

League of Legends players explain why Zac and Evelynn should be "permabanned" in ranked games 1

Some ban choices confuse League of Legends players, as “overpowered” Champions like Zac and Evelynn are rarely banned in ranked games. 

Strategy games like League of Legends call for high-stakes decisions – where choosing the Champions to ban is as important as picking the ones you play. This is why some obviously OP Champions on certain roles, such as Vayne and Senna on the bot lane, are rarely given the chance to shine. 

However, some overpowered Champions are more lowkey than the others, as some insane picks hardly ever see the ban screen. Just like Trundle, who may not be as famous as Darius on the top lane or Lee Sin in the jungle but had some players scratching their heads over his massive damage. 

In a post on Reddit discussing popular picks and bans among League of Legends players, it seems like the community agrees that some Champions deserve more positive (and negative) attention. 

League of Legends fans say Zac is “sleeper OP” and inflates player elos

It appears that most players in the comment section agree that Zac is a pain to fight against. The comment simply stating “Blob Man” received 1.6k upvotes. Some players expound that playing against an enemy that could easily regain full health is never a fun time on the field. 

One player even recounts knowing League of Legends players devotedly picking Zac for ranked games, whose gameplay plunges once you ban the tank Champion. 

In another comment, a player confessed to Evelynn being their permaban champion, as the seductive demon makes them “want to leave the game.” Many players agreed that Evelynn is a champion with a handful of gimmicks ready to trick enemies into hair-pulling frustration. 

Aside from Evelynn’s deceptive kit, players should also not overlook her damage. Players who have encountered an Evelynn were reportedly forced to camp under their turrets in fear for their lives, hence the reason for the permaban status.

If you’re a top lane or jungle player, one thoughtful player had an announcement – “PICK OR BAN TRUNDLE.” Trundle’s amazing scaling and ability to crush enemies with one-shots appear to be frustrating for many players. 

Some comments suggest that even if you’re not a top laner, banning Trundle will have a significant effect on your gameplay and will increase your chances of winning. If you’re not keen on banning overpowered Champions, make sure to keep an eye on an overfed Trundle that reportedly has the power to take down three turrets in the span of a dragon fight. 

Keep a watch out for these overlooked Champions during your next League of Legends ranked game, or attempt to pick them to see what the uproar is about!

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