League of Legends players call for stricter ping limits: “Ruining it for others”

League of Legends players call for stricter ping limits: "Ruining it for others" 1

After experiencing the consequences of having high-ping teammates, League of Legends players in Europe call for stricter ping limits or targeted servers. 

Sometimes, experience and skill may not be enough in online multiplayer games like League of Legends. A player’s internet speed can mean a world of difference when competing in rank games, as simple ping spikes and lags can ruin your rhythm and momentum. 

And LoL players in Europe are tired of having lagging teammates lounging in the spawn area. As some players suggest, even if you’re not the one experiencing the lag and “rubber band” gameplay, it still ruins the game for your teammates. 

In a Reddit post, a player pleads for stricter ping mechanics that remind a player not to queue up if their network fails to reach a specific ping or speed threshold. They also wish for “targeted servers” in parts of Europe that could be too far off from the Europe (EUW or EUNE) server areas. 

League of Legends devs still yet to launch an African Server

Among the most noteworthy comments on the post is the condition of League of Legends players in Africa, where Riot Games is still yet to introduce a dedicated server for the entire continent. 

A comment suggests that the nearest server a South African LoL player can connect with is the Western Europe server, which results in a ping range usually no lower than 160ms. 

byu/Reign0110 from discussion

The concern emanates across all LoL players in the region, as playing with a 200ms ping seems like their usual gameplay experience. Some players are convinced that if Riot Games was able to introduce a dedicated African Server to their FPS game, Valorant, they could do so for their 15-year-old title, too.

On the other hand, many other players in the Reddit community disagree with having a strict ping limitation for ranked games. These players cite that those with internet issues are “trying their best” despite the unavailability of servers in their region. 

Notably, League of Legends used to have ping indicators for your teammates years ago. Players can also observe their teammates’ internet speed based on the individual progress bars on the loading screen. 

League of Legends players call for stricter ping limits: "Ruining it for others" 2

However, not all players are enthused about this idea. They cited that seeing a teammate’s ping be sorely out of the “quality gameplay” threshold can result in early frustration and intentional throwing of other players. 

byu/Reign0110 from discussion

There is still no announcement from Riot Games about introducing an Africa-dedicated League of Legends server. Players from the region could only hope for more compassion and understanding from their fellow LoL enthusiasts in the Western Europe servers.

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