League of Legends myth finally busted as dev denies "losers queue" exists 1

A League of Legends developer denies that a “losers queue” exists, refuting the years’ worth of speculation in the game’s community.

If you’re a dedicated League of Legends player, you may have heard of the term “losers queue.” Essentially, the idea of a losers’ queue is that players with a losing streak or continually low performance in their ranked games are grouped together, which may mean more chaos and demise. 

However, after being used by most players as an explanation for their losing streaks, a League of Legends developer finally denied the existence of a losers queue. 

Lead Gameplay Designer Matt Leung-Harrison explained on his social media post that ranked matches are based solely on the players’ matchmaking rating and “nothing else.” Furthermore, Leung-Harrison suggests that players on the fabled losers queue are simply playing against “better players.” 

League of Legends dev points back at players on a losing streak

Furthermore, the LoL dev also points out that players’ attitudes are the main reason for losing streaks. The dev lists a “good non-giving up attitude,” asking for advice, and a growth mindset for a healthier relationship with the game. 

Leung-Harrison also suggests that many factors come into play when players constantly lose their games. He states that “ if a good player reviews your games, there’s 100’s of things that you could have done differently that could’ve changed the trajectory of the game.”

On the reason why the developers finally chose to speak up and refute the myth, Leung-Harrison says he’s tired of helping people debug accounts that are in the said queue. 

However, most of the player base’s replies and reactions seem to suggest that players are standing strong by their beliefs. Some even took the time to edit memes over the lengthy explanation behind the loser’s queue. 

In a previous post on Reddit, another League of Legends player denies the existence of a losers queue after crunching the numbers and pulling up the charts. 

Both the Reddit post and the dev’s explanation of matchmaking rating suggest players take breaks and refresh their mindset after a series of defeats. The two posts conclude that player attitude and outlook are the main factors of a losing streak. 

If you’re continuously doomed by the red screen of defeat, taking a short break from the game may help! As the League of Legends dev puts it, “There are 5 potential giver-upperers on the enemy team and only 4 on yours. Don’t make it 5.”

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