10 Best Beginner Champions in League of Legends (2024)

10 Best Beginner Champions in League of Legends (2024) 1

Gearing up for your first foray into League of Legends’ Summoner’s Rift? We’re here to help! Here’s a list of the best League of Legends Champions to learn for beginners.

League of Legends, spanning 13 years of dominance in the MOBA game scene, attracted many players of all ages worldwide. It is no wonder that many new players and new generations of gamers are still making their way to the enemy nexus! 

Starting your League adventure can feel like falling headfirst into a bottomless pit of champions, each more intimidating than the next. But don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of the best beginner-friendly champions who will have you slaughtering dragons and outmaneuvering opponents in no time.

So grab your potions, sharpen your blades, and brace yourselves for a whirlwind tour through the lanes of Summoner’s Rift. It’s time to unleash your inner champion and show the world what you’re made of!

Best Beginner Champions in League of Legends


10 Best Beginner Champions in League of Legends (2024) 2

No League of Legends beginners guide is complete without The Might of Demacia, Garen. With straightforward abilities and a durable kit, Garen excels at teaching players the basics of top lane bruisers with the cushion of high HP and his passive healing. 

While other Champions with flashy skills and ult skills may make Garen small in his armor, do not fret! This Champion’s lethal ultimate executes enemies with ease. 

For beginners, we recommend building your Garen as a tank first before exploring critical chance builds with Trinity Force or Infinity Edge.


10 Best Beginner Champions in League of Legends (2024) 3

If you’re looking to dominate the top lane even on an early level, Darius is your best bet. What makes Darius stand out from other Champions is that he is a “lane bully,” which gives you an early-game advantage regarding minion or enemy kills, levels, and even items. The poor enemies of Darius on the top lane are often left camping under their towers! 

Darius has a relatively simple kit with straightforward mechanics. His abilities are easy to understand and use compared to other bruisers and tanks that require a more profound knowledge of items and in-game adjustments.


10 Best Beginner Champions in League of Legends (2024) 4

While taking on the Jungler role is the most frightening challenge for beginners, the charming mummy, Amumu, can help you demolish the Summoners’ Rifts creepy monsters. Amumu’s kit has the balance of targeted stuns (Q) and AoE damage, lessening the pressure of having your skills and shots hit your enemy. 

Moreover, Amumu’s ultimate can also help you master team fight presence, crowd control, and synergy with your allies. 


10 Best Beginner Champions in League of Legends (2024) 5

Rammus has a straightforward kit with abilities that are easy to understand and use. His gameplay revolves around basic concepts like engaging in fights with Powerball (Q), taunting enemies with Frenzying Taunt (E), and soaking up damage.

Rammus’ ability to quickly clear jungle camps and defeat targets such as Dragon and Baron makes him a priceless weapon for map dominance and obtaining essential objectives. This lesson will be on the value of objective control and map knowledge in League of Legends.


10 Best Beginner Champions in League of Legends (2024) 6

Much like her brother, Garen, Lux is a good champion to pick when starting your League of Legends journey. The midlane has the widest variety of Champions to choose from, ranging from enchanters like Karma to melee assassins like Katarina. 

Taking Lux to midlane lets you experiment with root and damage combos and master the art of perfect timing with your ultimate. Lux’s kit also has the flexibility of never suffering too much on item meta changes, unlike other Champions. 


10 Best Beginner Champions in League of Legends (2024) 7

You may be surprised to find a pro player’s favorite on this list. But Ahri’s kit has the advantage of a low-skill floor with a high-skill ceiling. This means you can still take this Champion in the midlane even as you progress with your journey in the game. 

Ahri’s charm (E) ability and dash (R) provide new players with opportunities to learn skillful combos and outplay potential. Of all the Champions on this list, Ahri also gives you the best taste of LoL’s mobility aspects with her ult. 

Miss Fortune

10 Best Beginner Champions in League of Legends (2024) 8

If you’re looking for a bot lane Champion that lets you deal fierce damage from a safe distance, look no further than the stunning Miss Fortune. This Champion has an ultimate ability known to score multiple kills in team fights and abilities that easily drain your enemies’ health bars. 

Miss Fortune can adapt her build to suit different playstyles and team compositions. You may experiment using critical strike builds like Infinity Edge or ultimate-favoring builds like Axiom Arc.


10 Best Beginner Champions in League of Legends (2024) 9

Ashe excels at poking enemies from a safe distance with her Frost Shot (Q) ability. This ability applies a slow to enemies hit by Ashe’s basic attacks, allowing her to harass opponents and set up favorable trades in the lane without committing to all-ins. Furthermore, her W ability also lets you secure a hit without relying on skill shots and aiming, 

Your ult also comes in handy in team plays and supporting your teammates from far away. This global ability lets you hit and slow your enemies regardless of how far they are on the map. 


10 Best Beginner Champions in League of Legends (2024) 10

Janna has straightforward abilities that are easy for beginners to understand and use effectively. Her abilities focus on providing protection for allies and disrupting enemy engages, making her playstyle intuitive and easy to grasp.

Furthermore, Janna’s Q ability, Howling Gale, can damage more than just knocking up enemies! Her ultimate heals your allies and displaces enemies, making it ideal for high-action team fights such as dragon or monster battles! 


Discover the perfect champions to kick-start your League of Legends journey with our list of the top 10 beginner-friendly Champions!

If you’re looking for a support Champion that does more than shielding and protecting your allies, Lulu is your best pick. Lulu’s kit is incredibly versatile, offering various abilities that can be used defensively or offensively. 

Lulu’s utility extends beyond crowd control and protection. Her first ability provides slowing and poking potential. Her ultimate ability not only knocks up enemies but also grants a massive health boost to her target and nearby allies. This utility can turn the tide of team fights and secure objectives for her team.

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