LPL 2020 Spring Finals new teaser trailer released

LPL 2020 Spring Finals new teaser trailer released 1

LOL Pro League has released an LPL 2020 Spring Finals teaser trailer for the event on May 2, 2020. The competition will take place at 5 am ET, at 2 am PT, 11 am CET, and 6 pm KST. 

The eSports community has faced many challenges this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. LPL was affected, with the spring split being shortened to eight weeks. The league also transitioned from offline competition to online for the safety of their audiences and players. Through these changes, LPL audiences were able to see new LPL and League of Legends competition stories unfold that they might not have experienced otherwise, such as newcomers, eStar, which defied expectations and took LPL by storm.

It’s now time for the LPL 2020 Spring Finals, and two teams, JDG and TES, have emerged to take their place in competing for the championship. For whichever team takes the win, audiences will witness the making of a first-time champion. JDG is the dominant team, and TES has continued to defy expectations. This LPL 2020 Spring Finals competition is JDG’s second time making the finals for the LPL Spring playoffs.

During the 2020 LPL season, 17 teams fought for a place in the finals. JDG and TES have come out on top, but there can be only one champion. During their journey to the finals, JDG and TES faced obstacles like the S8, and S9 world champions FPX and IG. The 2020 Spring playoffs semifinals saw the same matchups as in 2019, TES vs. FPX, and JDG vs. IG. In 2019, JDG started from 8th seed and fought their way through the top teams, including FPX, to face off with and lose to IG in the finals. 

TES has also competed against and lost to IG in the past. The two teams faced each other in the 2018 Demacia Cup finals. TES lost 1:3 against IG. IG again took TES down in the 2019 Sprint Split semifinals. TES lost their chance at worlds when IG got the better of them in the 2019 regional finals later that same year. While TES fought hard, theShy picked his signature Vladimir in game 5 of the BO5 to lead IG to victory, which moved that team on to compete in the world championships. 

While both TES and JDG have fought hard over the last two years, showing moments of brilliance and skill, the ultimate glory of the championship has eluded them. Now, one of them will get to take the big prize. The competition starts on May 2, 2020, at 5 am ET, at 2 am PT, 11 am CET, and 6 pm KST. For more information on how to watch JDG and TES in the LPL 2020 Spring Finals, visit the official LPL YouTube channel.

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