League of Legends players shocked as Hwei becomes popular pick despite tricky kit 1

League of Legends’ recently introduced Champion, Hwei, has quickly climbed the ranks to become a favored pick among midlaners, overcoming initial criticism.

Hwei is one of League of Legends’ most recent Champions, only released last December 2023 in the 13.24 patch. The champion was received with a lukewarm treatment and regarded as the most difficult champions to master due to his complicated kit. 

However, Hwei recently rose to the top picks among midlaners two months after his release. It seems like the LoL community overcome Hwei’s steep learning curve and now uses the Champion at his highest potential. 

After his release, Hwei recorded in a low pick rate compared to other newly released champions. But after the 14.2 and 14.3 patches that significantly decreased his bugs and improved his performance, Hwei now seems to resonate with many midlaners and is developing his fanbase and “main” users. 

League of Legends players shocked as Hwei becomes popular pick despite tricky kit 2

Hwei is now the 12th most-picked Champion for midlaners 

In a Reddit post on r/leagueoflegends, LoL players expressed their surprise at how Hwei now sees constant playtime on the midlane. After the recent bug fixes, Hwei outranks other midlane mage choices, except for perpetual favorites Ahri and Veigar. 

Furthermore, the player expounds that Hwei’s popularity isn’t necessarily a “meta pick.” The Champion’s statistics still suffer from a meager win rate, meaning that the players picking Hwei decide solely out of enjoyment over his gameplay or interest in his skills. 

However, one notable observation is that Hwei still needs to make waves in the pro scene. Despite most of the regional League of Legends Winter Season already well on half of their tournaments, the community still needs to witness a broken Hwei gameplay from the pro seats. 

While some players suggest reasons why Hwei is an excellent mage pick, LoL players did not reserve some comments criticizing some of the Champions’ skills. One comment points out that Hwei’s ult is exceptionally hard to land, making him a challenging pick for ranked games. 

Now that Hwei is seeing more screen time in the ranked games, more “broken” clips from the new Champion are surfacing on social media. Do you think this would be a catalyst for further interest in Hwei? 

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