League of Legends fans slam Kai’Sa’s “thematically disconnected” skins

League of Legends fans slam Kai'Sa's "thematically disconnected" skins 1

Fans of League of Legends are upset about Kai’Sa’s skins not being canonical with her overall lore in the game.

League of Legends cosmetics can be a great way to brag about how much you’ve played the game, and many fans enjoy the aesthetically pleasing changes from a champion’s vanilla form. The skins offered in the game can range from canonical and cute to hardcore, but one fan noticed the lack of canonicity in a champion’s selection of skins.

One League of Legends fan on Reddit pointed out how thematically disconnected Kai’Sa’s skins are, writing, “This is the most I’ve ever seen a champion’s skins so thematically disconnected from the character.”

This post garnered much attention, with most users agreeing with the fact that Kai’Sa’s skins are not up to date with her lore.

One Reddit user even noted that Kai’Sa’s overall design is boiled down to fan service, making her look attractive for the players: “That’s because she exists for fan service; even her default skin barely conveys the idea that she’s wearing a symbiote suit.”

Others agree, saying that Kai’Sa is no more than a pretty girl: “Kai’sa’s thematic is being a pretty girl; nothing else matters.”

Another user claimed that Riot’s design for her skin is nothing short of an insult: “TBH, if they could have, they wouldn’t even be cannons. Kai’Sa is probably the most insulting visual design/character design champ in the game”.

It’s clear that some League of Legends players are more invested in the story and lore within the game beyond the aesthetics of their skins. These players would also want to see their favorite character’s skin in a more canonical light, where as their story progresses, so does their appearance.

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