League of Legends fans puzzled on why Darius keeps getting younger in skins 1

A Darius main League of Legends player notices that the Juggernaut Champion seems to have lost his “badass general” attribute with younger-looking skins. 

More than League of Legends’ competitive gameplay and mechanics, in-game skins and cosmetics are also part of its massive appeal. Riot Games gained popularity as one of the first game developers to feature such a wide selection of skins and visual upgrades. 

However, as time went on and the League of Legends skin collection multiplied a dedicated Darius player noticed that their favorite Champion seemed to lose his grit and fade away from his character as a “Seasoned General.” 

In a Reddit post on r/LeagueOfLegends, the player appealed to “stop making Darius younger,” exhibiting various Darius skins that could make it seem that the Noxian General found the Fountain of Youth with his more youthful traits. 

Porcelain Darius looks like a “generic jock from high school” 

In the newly released League of Legends Porcelain skin line for the Lunar New Year 2024, Darius seemed to be at least a few decades younger than his original Champion design. Gone are his white streaks and fiery glare, as the latest skin paints Darius as a much younger character. 

League of Legends fans puzzled on why Darius keeps getting younger in skins 2

In the aforementioned post, the player continued to describe how Riot Games has “moved away” from Darius’ identity as a “Veteran General” by taking away years from his appearance. They even go as far as describing Darius as looking like a “generic jock from high school.”

Meanwhile, comments on the post poke fun over how unfitting the Porcelain skin line is for the Champion. 

This is not the first time that Darius appears younger than his original character art. League of Legends artists most notably deviated from the “fierce general” persona when they dabbled into a younger alternate universe with the Darius Academy skin.

It seems like the League of Legends Porcelain skin line garnered much reaction and attention, as Darius is not the only character in the roster to gain mixed reviews. However, many LoL players and fans still rejoice in the stunning art and unique in-game effects of the special skin edition. 

For now, Darius players who can appreciate the esteemed General donning luxurious armor may anticipate the Porcelain skin release on February 22, 2024. 

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