League of Legends fans demand hotfix nerfs for “busted” Maokai

League of Legends fans demand hotfix nerfs for "busted" Maokai 1

League of Legends fans are demanding Maokai nerfs, suggesting that “he’s still busted.”

League of Legends is a strategy MOBA game that prides itself as one of the most competitive games in the industry, but competitiveness disappears once a champion is deemed to be too overpowered.

A popular post in the League of Legends community on Reddit is calling for Maokai hotfix nerfs, stating, “There’s enough data to see he’s still busted and the nerfs have clearly not done much.”

The fan points out that Maokai has a 55.6% win rate and is a prime candidate for balance changes.

This post attracted many players’ attention who expressed the same opinion about Maokai being too strong.

One user even said “he’s been hotfix territory for 2 months now they won’t do s***,” complaining that Maokai has been the same for a while now and many other players feel the same.

Another user expressed “He’s been 55%+ for 4 patches, he’s clearly not getting hotfix nerfed. He’ll probably see another small nerf to tone him down next patch,” suggesting that the previous nerfs were too light on Maokai and that he’ll probably need another balance adjustment in the next patch.

Some players were even confused about how Maokai is still too strong after the new patch, like this user who stated “-4 Armor is quite a lot in Bot Lane and losing 0.35s of CC and 5 base damage on the main spell should at least lower the win rate by 1-2%< how did it instead increase by 2%?”

League of Legends fans demand hotfix nerfs for "busted" Maokai 2

Another user shared their concern but is still positive that there will be something done about Maokai “I mean I’m sure it’ll go down a little. It is a little concerning that we have a 55% win rate super high presence champ, and instead of nerfing we see the head of the balance team abusing it in solo q.”

In a hugely successful competitive game, balance between characters is key for overall fun and fair gameplay. Right now, it’s clear that fans are tired of Maokai’s dominance.

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