League of Legends fans baffled as Smolder hits “god-tier” power in just 19 minutes

League of Legends fans baffled as Smolder hits "god-tier" power in just 19 minutes 1

League of Legends fans are frustrated over Smolder being able to reach his “late-game” status in just 19 minutes.

League of Legends is known for its vast variety of unique champions to play with but sometimes problems arise with particular champions that can sometimes be too weak or too strong.

Smolder, the latest champion added to League of Legends, has fans frustrated due to the champion being too easy to use and becoming too powerful in the late game.

One player shared their opinion about it and became frustrated that Riot is going to buff Smolder again in the next patch. “I’m reading the upcoming changes for Smolder, and I do not think they address the main source of frustration,” they wrote.

Many other players agreed and shared their own frustration with Smolder. One player expressed that the new champion will be a “balance nightmare.”

Another fan expressed how simple Smolder is to use and how powerful the champion can be: “His gameplay pattern is just do nothing until he gets execute then press Q and R”.

Meanwhile, other users found Smolder as a simple and enjoyable champion to use, like this player who shared, “Between him (Smolder) and Hwei I’ve had the most fun in this game in years.”

Others agreed, saying that the devs simply delivered what they promised: “They did advertise him as straightforward and a bit easy to play, which they delivered.”

League of Legends players might take some time to fully accept the new champion, Smolder, and more time to fully adjust the champion accordingly. But it seems that Riot was successful in providing exactly what they promised and many players are still enjoying playing with the new champion.

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