Best Lucian URF Build in LoL 2024: Runes, Items, Skills, Spells & more

Best Lucian URF Build in LoL 2024: Runes, Items, Skills, Spells & more 1

Ready to try one of the best marksmen for League of Legends URF mode? Crush your foes and lead your team to victory with our Lucian URF Build Guide!

League of Legends players are in for adrenaline-filled games for the current patch with the return of “no mana, decreased cooldown” gameplay! We’re ready to help you take Lucian’s steady aim and relentless pursuit in the fast lanes because URF is back to treating players with a high-speed thrill like no other!

URF mode significantly reduces the cooldowns of Lucian’s abilities, allowing him to spam his skills rapidly. Lucian has been a top pick for 2024 URF players, raking in a 10% pick rate on the first two weeks of the seasonal game mode. 

Best Runes for Lucian in URF

Lucian’s kit is designed for bursty, high-damage output, especially with his passive ability, Lightslinger, which allows him to double-tap his basic attacks after using an ability. For this build, we’re focusing on dealing greater damage with Lucian’s high-speed attacks. 

  • Press the Attack: Amplify Lucian’s burst potential with Press the Attack, which allows him to quickly stack bonus damage on his targets and unleash devastating combos with his dual pistols.
  • Triumph: Players can enjoy Lucian’s prolonged survivability in hectic skirmishes with Triumph, which grants the Champ health restoration upon securing takedowns and enabling him to press on with relentless aggression.
  • Legend: Bloodline: Enhance Lucian’s sustain with Legend: Bloodline, providing him with lifesteal that scales with each takedown, ensuring he can stay in fights and continue dealing damage.
  • Coup de Grace: Finish off weakened foes with Coup de Grace, augmenting Lucian’s burst potential and ensuring swift eliminations as he guns down his enemies.

Best Spells for Lucian in URF

Flash should always be part of your kit in URF, regardless of your Champion. It can be used offensively to initiate fights, close the gap on enemies, or secure kills. On the other hand, it can also be used defensively to escape dangerous situations, dodge skill shots, or evade enemy engages.

Another way to ensure Lucian’s survival amid encounters and team fights is to use Exhaust. This spell reduces the damage output of enemy champions and slows their movement speed, allowing him to outmaneuver and outmanage his opponents in fights.

Best Items for Lucian in URF 

While Stormrazer Lucian has been rising in popularity with players, a build that gives Lucian higher Crit and damage will be more beneficial in URF’s high-action lanes. 

  • Doran’s Blade: Start strong with Doran’s Blade, providing Lucian with bonus attack damage, life steal, and health, ensuring he can sustain in the lane and trade effectively against opponents.
  • Kraken Slayer: Kraken Slayer is a core item for Lucian in URF mode, providing him with increased attack speed, attack damage, and bonus on-hit damage, ensuring his basic attacks pack a punch and shred through enemy champions with ease.
  • Navori Quickblades: Navori Quickblades offers Lucian increased critical strike chance and cooldown reduction, allowing him to spam his abilities and maintain relentless pressure on his enemies.
  • Berserker’s Greaves: With Berserker’s Greaves, Lucian may attack with more speed and effectiveness, enabling him to unleash his unrelenting stream of bullets.
    • Mercury’s Threads (Conditional) – If you’re facing a team with multiple CCs, snares, and slows, make sure that Lucian gets out of it early by giving him higher Tenacity stats. 
  • Rapid Firecannon: Rapid Firecannon extends Lucian’s attack range and provides him with bonus attack speed and critical strike chance, ensuring his rapid-fire assaults hit their mark from afar.
  • Infinity Edge: Amplify Lucian’s critical strike damage with Infinity Edge, ensuring his critical strikes deal devastating bursts of damage and making his basic attacks even more lethal.
  • Lord Dominik’s Regards: Lord Dominik’s Regards grants Lucian armor penetration, allowing him to cut through tanks and heavily armored targets with ease, ensuring no foe can withstand his relentless onslaught. You could swap this for an Infinity Edge if there are no tank enemies with huge armor stats. 

Best Skills for Lucian in URF

  • Piercing Light (Q): Maximize Lucian’s damage output by prioritizing Piercing Light, allowing him to poke and harass enemies from a distance and set up kills with its piercing effect.
  • Relentless Pursuit (E): Prioritize Relentless Pursuit next to enhance Lucian’s mobility and repositioning in fights, allowing him to dash in and out of combat with lightning speed and precision. This skill makes Lucian lethal in URF, as the Champ seems to have endless Flashes and “get-out-of-jail” cards in team fights. 
  • Ardent Blaze (W): Ardent Blaze is an ideal skill for those looking for a “further from the frontlines” approach with Lucian. However, this may not sync well with the AD and Crit build with the items above. 

Armed with the best runes, items, spells, and skills, you are now poised to reign supreme as the Gunslinger extraordinaire with Lucian in URF mode. You could also visit our ranking for the Best Champions in League of Legends’ URF 2024!

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