Best Garen URF Build in LoL 2024: Runes, Items, Skills, Spells & more

Best Garen URF Build in LoL 2024: Runes, Items, Skills, Spells & more 1

Dominate League of Legends’ Ultra Rapid Fire battlefield with this ultimate guide for the Best Garen Build for URF! 

League of Legends’ action-packed game mode, URF, is back for the 2024 Season! Garen is an S+ tier Champion for URF, raking in up to 57% win rate in the first week of the game mode’s revival. If you’re looking for the best way to rack up damage with your favorite Champion, follow our guide to prepare yourself for the battle!

Best Runes for Garen in URF

New item introductions and significant changes in the 2024 Season led to Tank Garen’s decrease in popularity. The new meta for The Might of Demacia is building him with the most possible damage with an increasingly lethal ultimate! 

  • Conqueror: Ideally suited for lengthy battles, Conqueror works incredibly well with Garen’s equipment to quickly rack up additional damage and deal devastating blows to his opponents.
  • Triumph: Triumph provides invaluable sustain during skirmishes and team fights, granting Garen the ability to secure takedowns and stay in the fray longer.
  • Legend: Tenacity: If you’re looking for unstoppable Garen gameplay, building your Tenacity is the way to go. Garen’s biggest enemy in URF is crowd control skills such as snares and taunts, and Tenacity lets you get out of pesky CCs quickly. 
  • Last Stand: Last Stand stands out, considering Garen’s tendency to charge straight into combat. As you stand longer in battle, you accrue more damage to your enemies – now that’s Demacia’s true might! 

Best Spells for Garen in URF

In a fast-paced battle like URF, dodging skills is the name of the game. Bring your Garen into action with Ghost for increased move speed and Flash for quick-reaction dodges! You can also use these spells offensively. Flash + Ultimate Skill Garen combo is a lethal play for URF!

Best Items for Garen in URF 

For this guide, we’re focusing on building Garen as a lethal weapon with enhanced crits and higher AD. Given URF’s decreased cooldown rates and zero mana costs, you also want to play a Champion that deals as much damage as your mage or burst enemies. 

  • Starter’s Item: Doran’s Blade – The Attack Damage and Life Steal granted by this starter item is much more beneficial than the health of Doran’s Shield in the high-action start of URF mode. 
  • Trinity Force: Trinity Force offers a perfect blend of stats for Garen in URF mode, providing increased attack damage, attack speed, cooldown reduction, and bonus movement speed. The Spellblade passive synergizes well with Garen’s burst potential, allowing him to deal devastating damage with each ability cast. 
  • Berserker’s Greaves: The additional attack speed from Berserker’s Greaves further enhances Garen’s ability to shred through enemy champions rapidly, ensuring he remains a constant threat on the battlefield.
    • Mercury’s Threads (Conditional) – If you’re faced against a team with multiple CC Champions (Morgana, Lux, Leona, Maokai, or Gragas), counter their momentum-crushing snares with increased Tenacity.
  • Phantom Dancer: Phantom Dancer gives Garen greater resilience during intense battles by boosting his attack speed and critical strike chance and acting as a shield when his health drops below a specific threshold.
  • Infinity Edge: Infinity Edge amplifies Garen’s critical strike damage, allowing him to deal massive bursts of damage with each critical hit. With his increased attack speed and Trinity Force’s Spellblade, Infinity Edge turns Garen into a true powerhouse.
  • Stormrazor: Stormrazor further augments Garen’s burst potential, granting him bonus damage and a guaranteed critical strike after he’s been out of combat for a short duration. This item also combines well with Garen’s passive, which lets him heal after disengaging from the front lines. 

Conditional Items: 

  • Sundered Sky: If your team calls for a tank champion, you can switch an item with Sundered Sky that boosts health and critical chances. This item can also increase longevity with its ability to turn excess healing into temporary bonus health. 

Best Skills for Garen in URF

  • Q – Decisive Strike: Maxing Decisive Strike first grants Garen increased mobility and burst damage. This skill’s silence also comes of great aid in stopping your enemies from dealing further damage to your team.
  • E – Judgment: Prioritizing Judgment next maximizes Garen’s damage output in team fights, as the ability to spin rapidly through enemies deals significant area-of-effect damage over time. The E skill is best used for clearing minion waves or damaging multiple enemies at the same time. 
  • W – Courage: While maxed last, Courage shouldn’t be underestimated. Its passive defensive bonuses and active damage reduction make Garen exceptionally resilient, allowing him to absorb damage and protect his allies when necessary.

Now that you have the best runes, equipment, spells, and skill priorities at your command, you can unleash Garen’s full power in URF mode. To establish your domination as the unstoppable Might of Demacia, play aggressively, adjust to the fast-paced URF, and dominate the top lane, roam the map to acquire objectives, or lead your team to victory in team fights. 

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