League of Legends player's viral Instagram stunt could mean "he'll never play again" 1

An Instagram user’s unique challenge to delay playing League of Legends based on their follower count has gone viral, potentially leading to an indefinite hiatus from the game.

Edward Chung, the mastermind behind the viral Instagram account “escaping_league,” has seen his simple challenge turn into a social media sensation. Starting with zero followers, Eddie’s unique concept – delaying his League of Legends gameplay by one second for each follower – has now captivated over 223k people in just six days.

Initially, the waiting times were laughably short. But as Eddie’s account’s popularity surged, so did the anticipation for each game. By the second day, a 22-second wait seemed inconsequential.

However, the situation quickly escalated. On day three, Eddie needed to wait over a minute and a half, humorously brushing teeth during the countdown. By day four, the wait time had soared to an hour and 40 minutes for 6,039 followers.

The challenge reached a new level of absurdity on the fifth day. Eddie, now with 102k followers, faced a staggering 28-hour wait before playing.

This led to a flood of comments and suggestions from followers, ranging from practical tips to witty quips. One follower even joked, “Learn Muay Thai and become a Champion in the meantime,” highlighting the sheer length of the waits.

Eddie, in his recent YouTube debut, reveals his astonishment at the reach of his challenge, with over 10.5 million views on his day-one video alone: “I have no f***ing idea how this happened… I got lucky. It’s plain and simple.”

Despite his overnight fame, Eddie remains humble and somewhat baffled. “I don’t understand the algorithm,” he admits. “I had an idea, I did it, and it snowballed into craziness.” His candid demeanor and amateur video editing skills have resonated with the audience, contributing to the virality of his content.

Eddie’s newfound fame has spurred him to promote his YouTube and Twitch channels, both named “eddiechungus.” In his typical lighthearted style, he contemplates the future of his YouTube content, considering everything from vlogs to Twitch highlights. He also candidly discusses his fears and excitement about potentially turning this viral moment into a streaming career.

This Instagram challenge, initially a playful venture, may have just morphed into a life-changing event. And through it all, Eddie remains committed to his original goal: to keep extending the time between each game session “until I get bored of League, give up, or die.”

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