Bibi Build and Guide | Brawl Stars

Bibi Build and Guide | Brawl Stars 1

If you want to master Bibi’s unique blend of high-speed, close-range combat, and knockback capabilities, you’ve landed in the right spot. We’ll walk you through the optimal setup for Bibi in Brawl Stars.

Updated on April 19, 2024: With Bibi’s dynamic playstyle and her new position in the current Brawl Stars tier list, we’ve updated this guide to ensure it best reflects the current meta.

Best Gadget for Bibi

When it comes to choosing the best gadget for Bibi, Vitamin Booster stands out as the best option by far. This gadget heals her for 960 health per second over 4 seconds, totaling a substantial 3840 health.

Every second counts when you’re up close and personal with Bibi, so the ability to regain health quickly is invaluable. This gadget is particularly useful when she needs to maintain pressure on her opponents or strategically retreat to recover and re-engage.

Best Star Power for Bibi

For Bibi’s best Star Power, we recommend Home Run as the top pick. One of the main drawbacks of playing Bibi is that getting in range against quicker opponents is somewhat challenging. Home Run boosts Bibi’s movement speed when her Home Run bar is charged, allowing her to close the distance faster. It’s a perfect fit.

But Batting Stance shouldn’t be ignored. This Star Power grants her a 20% damage reduction shield when her Home Run bar is fully charged. In the thick of battle, this reduction in damage taken can be the difference between victory and defeat. It synergizes well with her aggressive playstyle, where getting up close and personal is part of her core strategy. This Star Power shouldn’t be used on wide-open maps but could be an excellent choice when there are many bushes to hide in and sneak up on opponents.

Best Gears for Bibi

Bibi Build and Guide | Brawl Stars 2

Speed Gear

Gain 15% speed increase when moving in bushes.

Selecting the best gears for Bibi involves enhancing her mobility and survivability. The Speed Gear and Shield Gear are ideal choices. The Speed Gear boosts her impressive movement speed, allowing her to navigate the battlefield with even greater agility. This speed increase is crucial for engaging enemies effectively and evading incoming attacks.

Bibi Build and Guide | Brawl Stars 3

Shield Gear

Gain extra 900 health as a consumable shield. The shield regenerates in 10 seconds, when at full health.

On the other hand, the Shield Gear provides an additional layer of protection, further increasing her toughness in combat. Together, these gears make her a more resilient fighter who can swiftly move around the arena, easily dodging attacks and closing in on her targets.

Bibi Brawl Stars

Through this guide, you’ve discovered how to optimize Bibi’s build for peak performance in Brawl Stars. Whether it’s selecting the right gadget, star power, or gears, these recommendations are designed to amplify her strengths and mitigate her weaknesses. Remember, mastering her requires the right build, a deep understanding of her mechanics, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield.

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