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Melodie has only just arrived in Brawl Stars, but it hasn’t taken long for many to compare her to other high-skill requirement Brawlers, such as Mortis. The Karaoke star will likely be popular due to her incredible power, but it will take a talented player to maximize her potential due to her complex kit.

Melodie is a Mythic Brawler with a knack for music. Her fighting style? Quite unique. She uses her mic to shoot out music notes. These notes might seem small and not very harmful at first, but they have a trick up their sleeve.

When Melodie hits an enemy with a note, it starts spinning around her, creating a shield of sound that hurts enemies it touches. She can have up to three of these notes spinning at once, making her tougher than she looks. She can also dash forward quickly, up to three times, to escape or chase down enemies.

Now that you know a bit about her, let’s find out how to make the most of Melodie’s musical powers in the game.

Melodie Best Build and Guide


Melodie Best Build Guide | Brawl Stars 1

Monster Notes

Melodie shoots tiny monster notes from her mic, damaging enemies and spawning orbiting notes around her on hit.

Melodie’s basic attack sends out a tiny music note. If it hits someone, it doesn’t just hurt them. It also starts orbiting around Melodie, dealing even more damage to anyone it hits. These notes stick around for a bit, or until they hit someone.


Melodie Best Build Guide | Brawl Stars 2

Catchy Chorus

Melodie can dash forward multiple times to catch her enemies.

Melodie’s super move is all about getting up close and personal. She can dash forward quickly, not just once but up to three times. This lets her chase down enemies or make a quick escape. But there’s a catch – she can’t start charging up her next super until she’s used all three dashes.

Best Gadget

Melodie Best Build Guide | Brawl Stars 3


Melodie gains 15% Shield from each note orbiting her.

It’s early — but it sure seems like Interlude is the perfect option for Melodie players. This gadget fortifies her with a dynamic shield, initially blocking 15% of incoming damage per note orbiting her, scaling up to 45%. This protective melody gradually fades, but it offers a significant advantage in absorbing blows that would otherwise stifle her performance. Given Melodie’s ability to conjure notes through her attacks, leveraging this gadget can orchestrate a protective barrier that keeps her in the limelight longer, even as the tempo of battle intensifies.

Melodie Best Build Guide | Brawl Stars 4

Perfect Pitch

Melodie’s notes get 25% increased movement speed and 60% wider orbit for 5 seconds.

Perfect Pitch is another decent option for Melodie players, this one focused on boosting the range and speed of her notes. This gadget gives up crucial survivability, however, which is crucial in the current meta to stop close-range assassins from melting you.

Best Star Power

Melodie Best Build Guide | Brawl Stars 5

Fast Beats

Melodie gains 8% increased movement speed from each note orbiting her.

Fast Beats stands out as the top Star Power for Melodie players. This power enhances her agility by 8% for every note encircling her, up to a swift 24% increase, allowing her to dance around opponents and control the battlefield’s flow. This speed boost is instrumental in evading enemy attacks and positioning Melodie to deliver her devastating notes precisely where they’re needed. In the fast-paced arenas of Brawl Stars, this mobility is a critical factor in staying one beat ahead of the competition.

Melodie Best Build Guide | Brawl Stars 6

Extended Mix

Melodie’s notes last for 25% longer before vanishing.

Extended Mix extends the lifetime of Melodie’s notes, which can certainly be handy in some circumstances but the movement speed boost from Fast Beats sure seems like the winner in comparison.

Best Gears

Melodie Best Build Guide | Brawl Stars 7

Speed Gear

Gain 15% speed increase when moving in bushes.

For Melodie, striking the right gear harmony is crucial. Speed gear emerges as a top pick when navigating bushy battlefields, giving her the tempo boost needed to surprise opponents or retreat swiftly to compose her next move.

Melodie Best Build Guide | Brawl Stars 8

Gadget Charge Gear

Increases number of Gadget usages per battle by 1

Additionally, the Gadget Charge gear hits a high note for Melodie, extending her gadget’s usage and enhancing her defensive and offensive capabilities throughout the match. These gears resonate well with her playstyle, ensuring that she maintains her rhythm and keeps the pressure on her adversaries.

By tuning into this guide, you’ve learned how to master Melodie in Brawl Stars. Whether it’s choosing the right gadget, star power, or gears, these selections harmonize to unleash Melodie’s full potential.

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