Welcome to your go-to guide for the best Edgar build in Brawl Stars! If you’re looking to make Edgar your main and dominate the arena, you’ve landed in the perfect spot.

This guide will detail the best Gadget, Star Power, and Gears to maximize Edgar’s potential in Brawl Stars. With Edgar’s unique blend of agility, healing, and burst damage, selecting the proper setup is key to leveraging his strengths effectively.

Updated on February 7, 2024: We’ve taken another look at this guide to ensure it remains fresh and on-point for Edgar fans. Following Edgar’s rise to the A tier, our recommendations have been adjusted to keep pace with his current meta status. This update is informed by Edgar’s performance and strategic value in the latest gameplay dynamics, reflecting his position in our Brawl Stars tier list.

Best Edgar Build in Brawl Stars: Star Power, Gadgets & Gears (Feb 2024) 1

Best Gadget for Edgar

Let’s Fly is Edgar’s essential Gadget for boosting his presence on the battlefield. This Gadget increases Edgar’s Super charge rate by a whopping 525% for 4 seconds. What makes this Gadget stand out is its ability to rapidly prepare Edgar’s Super, enabling him to dive into fights or make strategic escapes.

This fast charge can turn the tide in the heat of battle, allowing Edgar to surprise opponents or swiftly move to support teammates. Its synergy with Edgar’s aggressive playstyle makes it a game-changer in most matches.

Best Star Power for Edgar

Fisticuffs elevates Edgar from a mere threat to a formidable adversary. This star power increases the healing Edgar receives from his punches by 25%, boosting his sustainability significantly.

In the thick of battle, this enhanced healing allows Edgar to outlast his opponents, making him exceptionally hard to kill, especially when combined with his ability to charge his Hypercharge more effectively. Fisticuffs’ increased survivability is invaluable across various game modes, making it the optimal choice for Edgar players aiming to maximize their impact.

Best Gears for Edgar

For Edgar, the go-to gears are Gadget Charge and Super Charge. These gears enhance Edgar’s ability to engage and disengage, crucial for a brawler with his playstyle.

Gadget Charge offers an extra use of his pivotal gadget, further boosting his adaptability and presence. Super Charge accelerates his Super’s availability, ensuring Edgar can leap into action more frequently.

In Heist, swapping Super Charge for Damage Gear can optimize Edgar’s burst potential against safes, though all gears can be used interchangeably to adapt to various scenarios effectively.

In conclusion, mastering Edgar in Brawl Stars means equipping him with the right tools for the job. By choosing the Let’s Fly Gadget, Fisticuffs Star Power, and a strategic mix of Gadget Charge and Super Charge gears (with flexibility for Damage gear in Heist), you’re set to maximize Edgar’s formidable abilities.

Whether you’re jumping into the fray or making a strategic retreat, this build ensures that Edgar remains a significant threat on the battlefield.

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