Brawl Stars Brawl Pass Season 24: Sands of Time rewards and reward track

Shelly Dancer - Brawl Stars

Dive into the Sands of Time with Brawl Stars Season 24’s Brawl Pass for epic rewards!

Brawl Stars, now the most popular mobile game developed by Supercell, continues to be constantly updated with fresh content to keep its player base hooked. With each season, players eagerly anticipate new brawlers, modes, and cosmetics that redefine the gameplay experience and many of these rewards are introduced via the Brawl Pass.

The Brawl Pass system is a tiered reward track that players progress through by earning Brawl Pass XP. There are three distinct tracks: Free, Brawl Pass, and Brawl Pass Plus, each offering a plethora of rewards including Credits, Gems, Coins, Power Points, and more.

This season, Season 24, is themed “Sands of Time,” and brings an exciting array of content, including new brawlers Angelo and Melodie, a novel solo mode called Trophy Escape, and a rich collection of skins and cosmetics. This season not only promises to enhance your game with strategic depth but also decks out your roster in style.

Brawl Stars Brawl Pass Season 24: Sands of Time rewards and reward track 1
Brawl Stars Brawl Pass for Season 24: Sands of Time

All Sands of Time Brawl Pass Rewards

Are you wondering what the upgraded Brawl Pass and Brawl Pass Plus hold for players in Season 24: Sands of Time? Here’s what you’ll be able to unlock by grabbing either the Brawl Pass or Brawl Pass Plus.

Brawl Stars Brawl Pass Season 24: Sands of Time rewards and reward track 2
Brawl Pass Rewards for Sands of Time Season 24
Brawl Pass ($6.99)Brawl Pass Plus ($9.99)
Brawler UnlockBrawler Unlock
8,000 Coins11,000 Coins
2,000 Power Points3,500 Power Points
1,000 Credits1,000 Credits
2,200 Bling3,700 Bling
50 Gems100 Gems
Exclusive SkinExclusive Skin
Pin SetPin Set
Player IconPlayer Icon
Skin Chromas
Instant 20% Progress
Shelly Dancer is the Sands of Time special skin available in the Brawl Pass

Sands of Time Brawl Pass Rewards Track

Here’s the complete Rewards Track for the Free Pass, Brawl Pass and Brawl Pass Plus in this season’s Sands of Time update.

TierFree PassBrawl Pass ($6.99)Brawl Pass Plus ($9.99)
FREE500 Power Points1,000 Bling1,500 Bling
1Starr DropPlayer Pin
2100 Credits100 Credits
3Starr Drop100 Bling
41,000 Coins1,000 Coins1,500 Coins
5Starr DropPlayer Pin
6100 Credits100 Credits
7Starr Drop100 Bling
810 Gems10 Gems10 Gems

9Starr DropPlayer Pin
101,000 Power Points1,000 Power Points1,500 Power Points
11Starr Drop100 Bling
12100 Credits100 Credits
13Starr DropPlayer Pin
141,000 Coins1,000 Coins
15Starr Drop100 Bling
16100 Credits100 Credits
17Starr DropPlayer Pin

1810 Gems10 Gems10 Gems
19Starr Drop100 Bling
201,000 Coins1,000 Coins
21Starr DropSpray
22100 Credits100 Credits
23Starr Drop100 Bling
241,000 Power Points1,000 Power Points
25Starr DropBrawler Unlock
26100 Credits100 Credits

27Starr Drop100 Bling
2810 Gems10 Gems10 Gems
29Starr DropPlayer Pin
301,000 Coins1,000 Coins
31Starr Drop100 Bling
32100 Credits100 Credits
33Starr DropPlayer Pin
341,000 Coins1,000 Coins
35Starr Drop100 Bling

36100 Credits100 Credits
37Starr DropPlayer Pin
3810 Gems10 Gems10 Gems
39Starr Drop100 Bling
401,000 Coins1,000 Coins
41Starr DropPlayer Pin
4210 Gems10 Gems10 Gems
43Starr Drop100 Bling
441000 Coins1000 Coins1500 Coins

45Starr DropNew Player Icon
46100 Credits100 CreditsShelly Dancer Iris
47Starr Drop100 Bling
481,000 Coins1,000 CoinsShelly Dancer Dahlia
49100 Credits100 Credits
50Legendary Starr DropShelly DancerPlayer Title

A Guide to Brawl Pass and Brawl Pass Plus

Choosing between the Brawl Pass and Brawl Pass Plus depends on your play style and goals. While both offer significant rewards, the Plus version provides an instant 20% progression boost, a Chroma Skin, a Title, and the option to upgrade at any point during the season for those seeking an edge.

Important Points to Consider

  • Upgrading: Players can upgrade from the Brawl Pass to the Brawl Pass Plus at any time during the season by tapping the ‘Upgrade’ button on the left side of the Brawl Pass rewards track. However, note that purchasing the Brawl Pass and then upgrading to Brawl Pass Plus will cost slightly more than buying Brawl Pass Plus outright.
  • Gem Usage for Tiers: Although the Brawl Pass can no longer be purchased with Gems, Gems can still be used to instantly unlock the next tier within your current Pass.
  • Starr Drops: After completing the reward track, players will receive a Starr Drop for every 1600 Brawl Pass XP they earn, ensuring continued rewards even after completing the Pass.

Brawl Stars Season 24’s “Sands of Time” Brawl Pass offers a treasure trove of opportunities for players to enhance their gaming experience. From unlocking new brawlers to diving into fresh game modes and decking out characters in eye-catching skins, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re a competitive player looking to climb the ranks or just here for the fun and cosmetics, this season’s Brawl Pass is your gateway to a richer, more engaging Brawl Stars journey.

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