Melodie | Brawl Stars: Character guide, skills, skins & more


Melodie, a new Mythic Brawler, is set to join Brawl Stars in Season 24. Here’s everything you need to know about Melodie.

In the latest Brawl Talk for Brawl Stars, the anticipation was finally put to rest with the confirmation of Melodie, a new Assassin Mythic Brawler set to join the roster and known for her enchanting music-themed abilities and unique combat style. Melodie is known for her enchanting musical talents and dramatic mood swings. She offers a unique blend of artistry and combat, positioning her as a versatile assassin on the battlefield.

This guide delves into her information, skills, release date, and the visually captivating Sif Melodie skin. With the confirmed arrival of Melodie, players can mark their calendars and ready themselves to master her harmonious combat style upon release.

Melodie (Brawl Stars)

Melodie character guide

Melodie is an upcoming Assassin Mythic Brawler in Brawl Stars. Melodie captivates as a popular karaoke singer in Starr Park known for her dramatic mood swings, ranging from sweet delicacy to harsh thorniness.

Melodie stands out in Brawl Stars with her musical theme and assassin role, offering a unique blend of agility and strategic depth. Her main attack sends out long-range sound waves that deal moderate damage, making her a threat from a distance. However, the absolute harmony in her kit comes from the musical notes generated with each successful hit.

These notes orbit Melodie and serve as both a defensive barrier and an offensive tool, dealing damage to any enemy they touch. This mechanic encourages Melodie players to maintain a delicate balance between hitting enemies from afar to generate notes and positioning themselves to maximize the notes’ damage potential.

Melodie | Brawl Stars: Character guide, skills, skins & more 1
Melodie (Brawl Stars)

Melodie skills

Main Attack

Melodie’s main attack involves projecting sound waves or musical notes at a distance, dealing moderate damage to enemies. This attack’s range allows her to maintain a safe distance while chipping away at opponents’ health.

The key to maximizing her main attacks lies in positioning and prediction. Successfully hitting enemies not only damages them but also generates musical notes that orbit around Melodie, providing both offensive and defensive utility.


Upon charging her Super, Melodie gains the ability to execute three dashes. These dashes are versatile, allowing for aggressive plays, quick repositioning, or escape maneuvers. Importantly, all three dashes must be utilized during the same activation, adding a layer of strategic depth to her Super usage.

Melodie’s Super is a game-changer in her kit, offering her unprecedented mobility on the battlefield. Melodie can use the dashes to initiate, close the gap to enemies, and position Melodie to maximize the impact of her musical notes.

Alternatively, they can serve as a rapid retreat mechanism, enabling Melodie to evade counterattacks or reposition for a better strategic advantage. Mastery of these dashes, in conjunction with her musical notes, can make Melodie a formidable assassin, capable of weaving in and out of combat with lethal precision.

Melodie skin

Skin: Sif Melodie

 Sif Melodie skin (Brawl Stars)

The “Sif Melodie” skin, priced at 29 Gems, beautifully enhances Melodie’s character design with a touch of Norse mythology. Drawing inspiration from the legendary goddess Sif, this skin is a captivating addition to the broader Ragnarok Skins update, infusing the game with a mythological essence. Celebrating the rich tapestry of Norse legends, the Sif Melodie skin enriches Melodie’s visual appeal and is available for purchase at 29 Gems, offering players a unique and mythologically inspired look.

Melodie release date

Melodie is set to arrive in Brawl Stars during Season 24 in March 2024. Her arrival is part of a significant update to Brawl Stars, which also includes the arrival of Angelo, a swamp-dwelling, gossipy sharpshooter, alongside new Hypercharges for select Brawlers, a major revamp of the competitive Ranked mode, and the introduction of a new Solo mode called Trophy Escape.

There is currently no exact release date for Melodie, but stay tuned for updates to know when she will be released!

With Melodie’s introduction to Brawl Stars officially confirmed in the latest Brawl Talk, players have much to look forward to. Her unique blend of musical prowess and mythical charm, coupled with the strategic depth her abilities offer, positions her as a standout addition to the game’s roster.

As the community eagerly awaits her arrival in late March, Melodie is set to bring a fresh wave of excitement and tactical gameplay to Brawl Stars, enriching the battleground with her harmonious notes and Norse-inspired aesthetics.

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