What is Trophy Escape in Brawl Stars? New game mode explained


Brawl Stars Season 24 update “Sands in Time” introduces a new game mode named “Trophy Escape.” Learn more about the game mode by reading on!

Brawl Stars is a fast-paced mobile multiplayer online battle arena developed by Supercell, the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. There are many game modes to choose from, such as Brawl Ball and Hot Zone.

Brawl Talk premiered on February 25 and revealed that the upcoming Season 24 update for Brawl Stars would have a new game mode, “Trophy Escape.” Our guide will cover everything you need to know about Trophy Escape!

Trophy Escape Brawl Stars

Trophy Escape is a thrilling solo game mode that pits ten Brawl Stars players against one another, just like in Solo Showdown. This elevates the competitive experience by introducing new features that challenge players to adapt and strategize in their own ways.

Trophy Escape Mechanics

Ten players battle head-to-head and collect trophies that are found on the map. Players can see the number of trophies they have collected on top of their character.

Players could also steal their opponent’s trophies by defeating them, which would cause them to drop all the trophies they have collected so far. They could also become the last character standing.

Trophy Escape Portals

What is Trophy Escape in Brawl Stars? New game mode explained 1
Portals in Trophy Escape (Brawl Stars)

Portals would be placed anywhere on the map and activated once five players have been eliminated. These can be activated as soon as players step in but would require them to stand for a while before they are teleported out of the match.

It’s important to note that there aren’t any poison clouds in this mode, as portals could appear even at the edge of the map.

Trophy Escape Win Conditions

Players must be able to survive until the portals become active after five players have been eliminated. As the name of the game mode says, players should collect as many trophies as possible, head to a portal, and stand there until they can escape from the match.

If no players teleport through the portal successfully, everyone in the game loses. So make sure not to die and get yourself teleported when you can!

Brawl Stars’ newest solo game mode will be available when the Season 24 “Sands in Time” update comes. So, prepare ahead of time to dominate the battle arena of Trophy Escape!

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