Pathfinder swining on King's Canyon

The third season of Apex Legends has arrived, and with it comes a monumental game update that will have significant gameplay changes.

Focusing exclusively on the changes to legends and gameplay, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the latest changes to legends in the Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown update.

Executioner Perk

One of the most significant updates to come with Season 3 of Apex Legends is the Executioner Perk. All legends will now be able to fully recharge their shields by completing a finisher on a downed opponent. Previously, this ability was only available to players who had equipped Gold Armor. The latest game update has also changed the way perks of equipping the Gold Armor and the Gold Backpack as a result.


Gibraltar’s Dome Shield has been changed significantly in this patch. Players won’t be able to use Dome Shield as frequently as before, but the ability is now more useful.

  • Players in the Dome Shield use healing items 25% faster
  • Increased the throw distance by 60%
  • Increased cooldown from 20 seconds -> 30 seconds

Gibraltar’s ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment, has also been re-worked. The massive cooldown time has been decreased significantly while the duration of the ability has also been decreased.

  • Decreased cooldown from 4.5 minutes -> 3 minutes
  • Decreased duration from 8 seconds -> 6 seconds
  • Increased throw distance by 36%


Another patch and another set of buffs for Bloodhound.

Eye of the Allfather gets a much-needed improvement. The reduced animation time helps Bloodhound in close-range situations where the ability is required.

  • Reduced the animation time to activate by 33%
  • Now immediately tells you how many targets have been pinged

Bloodhound’s ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, has also been improved. The reduced animation time is another incredibly useful improvement for the legend and the increased movement speed will make it easier to chase down enemies.

  • Fixed an issue with FoV scaling messing up ADS aim sensitivity
  • Reduced animation time to activate by 30%
  • Increased movement speed bonus from 25% -> 30%


Because Bangalore’s tactical and passive ability are two of the most effective in Apex Legends, there was seemingly never a need for Respawn to buff her relatively underwhelming ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder. The artillery strike has always served as more of an annoyance than a major damage dealer, unlike Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment.

With the Season 3 update, however, the damage dealt from Rolling Thunder has been doubled, making Bangalore even more powerful in many different situations.

  • Increased damage from 20 -> 40


Just one small fix for Octane in this patch, as Adrenaline Junkie has an important issue resolved.

  • Fixed an issue with FoV scaling messing up ADS aim sensitivity.


Wraith is widely considered to be the strongest legend in Apex Legends and she has held that title since the game launched in February. Although well aware of Wraith’s high win-rate, Respawn has decided to “pull back additional nerfs for further testing.”

With the Season 3 update, just one change will be made to Wraith’s Dimensional Rift ability.

  • No longer deploys if you are downed before placing it.


Pathfinder players will need to adjust to the major change that has been made to Grapple in the Season 3 update.

  • Reduced the grapple projectile velocity by 33%, meaning it takes a fraction of a second longer to connect the grapple to the wall. The behavior once you are connected remains the same.

Pathfinder gets another nerf in the latest update with the cooldown for Zipline increasing by 30 seconds.

  • Increased cooldown from 90 seconds -> 120 seconds

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