Apex Legends tournament finals held in secret amid unresolved hacking issues

Apex Legends tournament finals held in secret amid unresolved hacking issues 1

The Apex Legends Regional tournament final was held secretly after the controversial hacking issue in its last run. 

All Apex Legends players and fans were surprised when clips of mid-tournament hacking circulated on social media. In the clips, two of the most popular players seemed to have installed hacks during the regional final—both of whom claimed to have been hacked during the games. 

While fingers have pointed from the Easy Anti-cheat software to individually compromised computers, the case of the roots of the hacking remains unsolved. Shortly after the unexpected twist to the North American ALGS final, the Esports organization announced that the tournament would be postponed indefinitely. 

However, it seems that the ALGS has deviated from its initial statement, as the ALGS Regional Final was revealed to have been held secretly to eliminate the possibility of another hacking issue.

ImperialHal leads TSM to win ALGS Regional Final after aimbot hack issues

TSM emerged as the Regional Finals’ top team, with ImperialHal’s unparalleled flexibility regardless of the gun. It can be noted that the player’s popular “aimbot hack” clip was using the Longbow, which was also the gun that helped them easily dominate the finals. 

Meanwhile, the new ALGS team, owned by popular Among Us streamer DisguisedToast, has qualified for the LAN Tournament with their fifth-place finish. 

Other teams who have qualified for the ALGS LAN tournament in May include DarkZero, Moist Esports, Legacy, Elev8 Gaming, Spacestation Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, Complexity Gaming, FURIA, Cloud9, and Oxygen Esports. 

While the match was held in secret and delayed for a broadcast, Apex Legends fans still got a peek at how the competitive match got heated for the players. In a clip from Claraatwork’s Twitch stream, fans could hear Elev8’s Zackmazer in fierce gameplay in the background, which his partner tried to alibi as a League of Legends game. 

While not all ALGS fans are fans of the idea of a delayed broadcast with the results already out, many still think it was smart to play the final match in private to ward off hackers.

The Apex Legends Global Series Split 1 Playoffs will commence on May 2, 2024.

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