Apex Legends x Final Fantasy crossover praised by EA CEO despite fan backlash 1

EA CEO Andrew Wilson has praised the controversial Apex Legends x Final Fantasy event, labeling it a success for the company.

During EA’s Q3 2024 Earnings Call on January 30, Wilson expressed satisfaction with the Apex Legends x Final Fantasy crossover, leaving fans baffled considering the widespread backlash the event faced on social media.

Wilson said the event “was very well received by the community and performed incredibly well.” This statement starkly contrasts the vocal displeasure expressed by the Apex community over the event’s aggressive monetization strategies.

The Apex Legends x Final Fantasy event, a crossover with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, sparked outrage for its pricing structure. The event offered 36 Final Fantasy-themed items, but obtaining them all required opening 36 packs, and players estimated it would take approximately $360 to unlock everything.

Adding fuel to the fire, the event leveraged FOMO tactics, notably with the exclusive Buster Sword, which wouldn’t be available in the Mythic Shop post-event.

This strategy, aimed at urging players to make purchases during the event, only intensified the backlash.

Before, during, and even after the event, the Apex Legends community has been vocal in its disapproval, flooding social media with criticisms of the steep prices and perceived exploitation of fans’ loyalty.

Wilson’s optimistic take on the event’s reception seems to overlook this significant segment of the player base expressing their discontent.

The controversy highlights a growing tension in the gaming industry between monetization strategies and player satisfaction. As more games adopt similar models, the balance between profitability and maintaining a positive community atmosphere becomes increasingly challenging to strike.

While EA may see the event as a financial success, it’s clear that the Apex Legends community’s trust and satisfaction were compromised and the long-term impact of such strategies on player engagement and brand loyalty remains to be seen.

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