Apex Legends players urged to uninstall after severe hacking spree in pro scene

Apex Legends players urged to uninstall after severe hacking spree in pro scene 1

Widespread hacking in the Apex Legends America tournament leaves players forced to uninstall in fear of data leaks. 

In Esports, cheating is an act condemned like no other. However, the recent Apex Legends Global Series American event is an unusual exception. Almost all players are marked as “cheaters,” as a hacking spree led to severe integrity issues in the tournament. 

In the ALGS Regional Final, players were surprised to see shots hitting all the way across the maps, wall hacks, and even homing bullets during their matches. The pro players themselves were surprised to see random deaths and demolishing 1v3s without requiring any effort on their part.

In a clip posted on X, players can kill their opponents across the map even if they “weren’t even looking,” confusing their team. 

Apex Legends Global Series paused over compromised integrity

Another unique instance of hacking involves installing wallhacks on DZ Genburten’s account. In this clip, the player panicked and screamed, “It’s cheating!” after noticing that he could see all player locations in his game. 

During these hacks, the account sends a message in the in-game chatbox reading “Apex hacking global series by Destroyer2009 and R4ndom.” 

Given the multiple accounts of hacking, Apex Legends players who joined the ALGS Regional Final are all urged to change passwords and even perform a “clean OS reinstall” on their computers. Non-pro Apex Players playing games running with EAC as anti-cheat or other EA Games are also advised to take precautionary measures with hacking issues. 

One Apex Analyst suggests that the hacker uses a tool often used in banking systems to send data in real time between “two different systems or applications” and may also compromise LAN games, not just online tournaments. 

The ALGS Organization postponed the NA Finals for the time being, with more details and future dates yet to be announced.

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