Apex Legends: Revenant stalks the Outlands 1

Apex Legends celebrated its birthday with the unveiling of Season 4: Assimilation. As per tradition, a new Legend was released in the form of a mechanically terrifying robot assassin named Revenant. Instead of a grand welcoming party, like previous reveals, Respawn opted for a more menacing approach — teasing a former MMA fighter only to have him abruptly skewered on camera.

Revenant was a hitman for the Syndicate, the current organizers of the Apex Games. He “died” from mysterious circumstances only to be brought back as a Simulacra, a robot possessing the memories of a human. Filled with nothing but cold vengeance, Revenant seeks to eliminate associated with Hammond Robotics, while satiating his love for violence in the Outlands.

With his eldritch-like powers, Revenant introduces a goody bag of unique mechanics for us to experience. His passive, Stalker, allows him to crouch walk faster and climb higher than other Legends. Silence shoots a grenade-like orb that slightly damages and disables abilities for 10 seconds. The most sinister of them all is his ultimate, the Death Totem. It transforms users into a shadow that retains all of their equipment and abilities. Instead of dying, shadows are instantly teleported back to the totem with a miniscule amount of health.

After several days of play, Revenant appears to be a very solid Legend who would be loved by those who like to set up the perfect ambush. A well-timed Silence would severely hinder a squads’ ability to fight back, or escape, quickly turning a skirmish into a massacre. If the team decides to be aggressive, Revenant could use his Death Totem to act as a safety net as they relentlessly hunt down their victims. Stalker would allow him to swiftly crabwalk during a gunfight by taking advantage of a smaller size, increased accuracy, and faster movement; Even a sniping Pathfinder wouldn’t be safe anymore with the option to scale a building.

Despite his psychopathic traits, Revenant is quickly growing on me. He’s got the vibe of a Terminator designed after a scarecrow because of his lanky limbs and unwavering resolve. In a game that allows players to send “thanks” at the push of a button, he flatout refuses to convey a single morsel of gratitude. Majority of his pings have a passive-aggressive resentment towards his teammates. When everyone else would politely ask for attachments, he demands his team save them for himself or tell them to go swim in some lava. His rudeness serves as an amusing juxtaposition to the courtesies of his fellow competitors. Perhaps he is meant to be an analogy to the frustrations we may all face from time-to-time during general play. Sometimes we just have that urge to be an angry edgelord for a few hours before returning to our normal pleasantries.

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