Wuthering Waves to revamp “grindy” Echo System after player pushback

Wuthering Waves to revamp "grindy" Echo System after player pushback 1

Wuthering Waves will be working on implementations to combat the “grindy” Echo System after a lot of player suggestions and concerns.

Wuthering Waves is an upcoming action role-playing game from the same developers as Punishing: Gray Raven. It offers an immersive open world and a rich storyline for the players to explore and enjoy.

In the game, players start off as the Rover who wakes from their sleep and is found by Yangyang, one of the resonators in the game. As they continue on with the story and some tutorials, they would finally unlock the Echo page. This is the Wuthering Waves equivalent of artifacts from Genshin Impact.

The second closed beta test (CBT2) of Wuthering Waves ended on March 17, 2024. The developers received feedback, suggestions, and concerns from the players through the communities, social media, and in-game surveys. They then released a CBT2 review on March 22, 2024, which included their plans for the future.

They plan to implement changes to combat, such as overall optimization and enhancements to move sets of specific characters like Lingyang. They would also improve the story cutscenes and animations, the Depth of Illusive Realms, and localization.

They also addressed the issues and concerns of the players with the Echo System that is currently in place.

Wuthering Waves to revamp "grindy" Echo System after player pushback 2
Echos in Wuthering Waves (VoidEnigma)

The Wuthering Waves developers acknowledged the players’ concerns about how the Echo hunting experience was “too grindy” and lacked a way to dispose of unwanted or unused Echoes, among other issues. They would be providing implementations to create a better experience

In the future, they would make it easier to obtain various Echoes through participation in in-game events, completion of daily activities, and other means. They would also create a better way to dispose of redundant Echoes by converting them into random new Echoes of a type players have unlocked.

Using Tuned Echoes to upgrade other Echoes would give a designated percentage of Tuners previously used to return. It would also be easier for players to get their desired substats. Finally, they would optimize the auto-equip Echoes mechanism.

These changes and the overall developer review were well-received by the community, with many players praising how the devs listened to the players’ feedback and concerns.

Some became more concerned that Kuro Game’s “fix” was just providing access to more echoes and narrowing the random rolls. They stated: “They didn’t say anything about touching the system that requires you to waste tons of XP on top of limited resources just to look at what substats your echoes have, nor about narrowing the ridiculous amount of substats each piece can get.”

Players excited for Wuthering Waves will need to wait for a while, as there hasn’t been an official release date yet. Look out for more Wuthering Waves news in the future here at Level Push!

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