Wuthering Waves beta testers face backlash for slacking off

Wuthering Waves beta testers face backlash for slacking off 1

The Wuthering Waves beta testers for Closed Beta Test 2 are under fire for slacking off.

Wuthering Waves is an upcoming open-world action role-playing game developed by Kuro Games, the same creators of Punishing: Gray Raven. The game promises a rich storyline and a high degree of freedom in combat.

The game opened its second closed beta test last February 19, 2024, and has received great feedback and praise from beta testers and the fans waiting for the game. Those who had the opportunity to play the game shared that it had a “buttery” or smooth combat system.

While being selected as a beta tester for a game is thrilling and allows you to experience it before others, beta testers hold essential responsibilities. Beta tests are crucial as they reveal any existing bugs and errors that could affect the players’ experiences. If not done correctly, this could ultimately hurt the reputation and success of the game.

This is why a Wuthering Waves fan released their frustrations regarding the game’s beta testers. As they stumble across posts on Reddit and TikTok, they get the impression that many of them don’t realize they’re supposed to do more than play. They should also provide feedback and read community updates.

Another Reddit user shared that the most important thing the beta testers could do is fill out the questionnaires sent by the developers. The original poster added that the bare minimum was playing the game and completing the questionnaires. A recommendation would be to send extra feedback, and above and beyond that would be providing detailed feedback on everything, good and bad, about the game’s current state.

A popular content creator, Tectone, was also under fire as they were allegedly not beta-testing the game despite having access. A Reddit user detailed that Tectone played for seven hours and thought it was enough to check the game out. They wanted him to play the game instead of consuming content from other videos off-stream and on-stream. They also stated that the content creator was hyping the game a lot.

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While some beta testers may be slacking off by playing the game for four hours before dropping it, some had been doing their part. A beta tester shared that they went through the game as much as possible on stream and offline, filled out the surveys, and kept a note sheet of issues they had. They detailed that it can get tiring to level up things in the higher levels.

Many Wuthering Waves fans who didn’t have the opportunity to play the game are patiently waiting for its release. There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the release date, but it’s speculated to be around this year. Stay tuned for more Wuthering Waves news here on Level Push!

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