Wuthering Waves localizer admits team is “overworked” amid typo complaints

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Wuthering Waves’ localization team is facing challenges due to being “overworked,” a team member has admitted.

Wuthering Waves, developed by Kuro Game, is an eagerly anticipated open-world action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic future. This game promises a unique combat system and an engaging storyline. It has garnered attention for its similarities to titles like Genshin Impact but aims to stand out with its own distinctive features.

The anticipation for the game’s launch has been dampened by concerns about the localization quality. Players and fans have voiced their discontent on social media, citing numerous typographical errors and inconsistencies in the game’s promotional materials and prerelease content, which is tarnishing the game’s reputation.

Recent incidents, including localization errors in a live stream event, have highlighted the strain on the localization team. Fans noted issues such as a misspelled warning for headphone use and inaccuracies in pre-registration milestone announcements, signaling deeper challenges within the localization process.

In response to these growing concerns, members of the localization team have openly admitted to being “overworked,” which has resulted in a multitude of typos and localization issues. This admission came amidst growing complaints from the game’s community regarding these errors.

In a now-deleted post, one localizer expressed remorse over the situation, revealing the grueling hours and intense effort to catch and correct errors, only for new ones to emerge. They have stated that the team is currently “overworked,” and the team has been working for more than 70 hours per week.

The candid acknowledgment of these challenges has sparked a broader discussion within the gaming community about the working conditions at Kuro Games and the sustainability of such intense development cycles.

Players are increasingly worried about the potential impact on the game’s quality and the well-being of the individuals behind it. The paradox of promoting Wuthering Waves as a “story-rich” game while seemingly under-resourcing its localization effort has not gone unnoticed, with many questioning the priorities of gaming companies at large.

In light of these revelations, the localization team has announced plans to expand and restructure, including hiring dedicated proofreaders and standardizing workflows to ensure higher-quality outputs.

Amid these challenges, Wuthering Waves announced a surprise Closed Beta Test (CBT) for its localization, addressing community concerns directly. This initiative reflects the developer’s commitment to refining the game’s linguistic accuracy and cultural resonance, ensuring an immersive experience for a global audience.

As Wuthering Waves prepares for its upcoming release, the game’s community and developers hope these early hurdles will be overcome, paving the way for a successful launch and a bright future for this promising title.

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