Wuthering Waves to add tutorial and special boss mechanisms for Depths of Illusive Realm

Wuthering Waves to add tutorial and special boss mechanisms for Depths of Illusive Realm 1

Wuthering Waves’ Depths of Illusive Realm will get a tutorial stage, new events, and special boss mechanisms, which will provide a mix of challenges.

Wuthering Waves is an open-world role-playing game that offers players a high degree of freedom. It is being developed by Kuro Game, the same creators behind Punishing: Gray Raven.

The game finished its second closed beta test (CBT2) on March 17, 2024. The dev team has stated that they received a lot of feedback from the player communities, social media, and in-game surveys and would work towards combining the suggestions to improve the players’ experience.

After a few days, the dev team released the closed beta test 2 review on their official website. They shared: “After careful consideration, we have finalized our plans for future adjustments and optimizations, and we would like to share them with you.”

Their plans included changes to the combat changes, echo system gameplay, working on the story cutscenes and animations, localization, and additions to the Depths of Illusive Realm.

Wuthering Waves to add tutorial and special boss mechanisms for Depths of Illusive Realm 2
Developer’s Message on Wuthering Waves (Wuthering Waves official site)

The Depths of Illusive Realm allows players to test their skills as they pick an Echo in the beginning, go through a series of areas or levels, and battle various enemies. Each time they finish a stage, a metaphor appears where they can select new enhancements.

As the developer’s message states, “We will add a Tutorial Stage for ‘Depths of Illusive Realm’ to help beginners better understand and enjoy this gameplay.” This would be incredibly helpful for those who have difficulty understanding the mechanics.

Other than the addition of the tutorial, there will be more playable characters in the future. Players can also try out different characters through this mode. They would also add new high-difficulty events and special boss mechanisms players could challenge.

Depths of Illusive Realm gameplay (Zoxaskun TV)

They’re also continuously working on other gameplay issues raised in the feedback. Some examples are drops from supply chests or enemies in the wild being automatically picked up, co-op mode being available at a lower level, and batch salvaging option for unwanted items.

The content in Wuthering Waves looks promising, and the devs are surely communicating with the player community to ensure that enhancements are being made. Be on the look out for more Wuthering Waves news here on Level Push!

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