Wuthering Waves announces PC and mobile release date but PS5 players left waiting

Wuthering Waves announces PC and mobile release date but PS5 players left waiting 1

Wuthering Waves’ official release date is sooner than expected for PC and Mobile, but no PlayStation release date has been announced.

Wuthering Waves is an upcoming action role-playing game that emphasizes freedom for exploration. It is from Kuro Game, the same developer studio behind Punishing: Gray Raven.

The game’s second closed beta test (CBT2) ended on March 17, 2024. The developers considered the players’ suggestions and feedback and will implement features such as a less “grindy” Echo System.

On March 29, 2024, the developers finally announced that Wuthering Waves would be released globally on May 22, 2024, Pacific Time (PT). The game will be available on PC, iOS, Android, and Epic Games Store. There’s no update regarding whether the game will have a PlayStation release soon after. The pre-registration is also ongoing.

Many Wuthering Waves fans expressed excitement over the announcement, with some stating that they’ve been waiting for the game for a long time. Another fan shared, “That’s much sooner than I expected and I’m trembling in anticipation. I really wish release will go smoothly fingers crossed.”

PlayStation players were disappointed to find out that there wasn’t a release date announced for the platform. A Wuthering Waves fan hoped it wouldn’t be long as it would kill their hype and be behind when the game finally releases for the PlayStation.

Other players were skeptical about the early release date past CBT2. They pointed out that the game still had many unpolished aspects that they weren’t sure would be fixed quickly. They were also worried about the localization of their previous experience with Punishing: Gray Raven.

The developers are continuously working to improve the game before the official release on May 22, 2024. While waiting, watch the special broadcast program held last March 29, 2024 and watch out for new updates here on Level Push!

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