Wuthering Waves players find third party slot more hassle than help

Wuthering Waves players find third party slot more hassle than help 1

Wuthering Waves introduces a novel approach to team setup, but not all players are finding the third character slot beneficial.

Wuthering Waves, developed by Kuro Game, is an eagerly anticipated open-world game rich in story and offering players a vast degree of freedom. As players navigate the expansive new world, they are introduced to a character-pulling system called Modulation where they can get characters to put in their teams.

The game’s innovative approach to character integration and team dynamics has sparked a variety of reactions among the player base, particularly regarding the utilization of the third character slot.

Some players have voiced concerns over the perceived complexity and resource demands of managing a three-character team, as opposed to the more streamlined and resource-efficient two-character alternative.

The discussion around the third character slot’s value has been lively and diverse, with players sharing their strategies and experiences.

One player stated that the third party slot is a waste of resources but it is probably fine that way. This highlights a preference for two-character teams due to their efficiency and effectiveness in early game progression and resource management.

Players argue that every character in Wuthering Waves requires significant field time to build and spend their Forte meter, as well as to activate Outro/Intro skills during swaps. This requirement makes it challenging to fully utilize the kit of a third character without sacrificing the potential of the other two.

The strategy revolves around maximizing field time for each character to unlock their full potential, a task that becomes more manageable with only two characters to focus on.

Wuthering Waves players find third party slot more hassle than help 2
Experimental Zone in Wuthering Waves (Jollyfalcon)

Despite these challenges, some players see the inclusion of a third slot as an eventual benefit, allowing for more diverse team compositions and strategies once resources are less constrained. They appreciate the depth and flexibility it adds to the game, even if it presents a steeper learning curve and resource management challenge initially.

A player stated that the game should incentivize getting more characters rather than staying this way as it may hinder the sales and number of players pulling for a character.

As Wuthering Waves continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how these discussions evolve and what adjustments, if any, the developers might make in response to player feedback.

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