Brawl Stars players slam “horrendous” Trophy Escape mode amid bush-camping chaos


Brawl Stars’ newly launched Trophy Escape mode has left players frustrated with its “horrendous” gameplay.

Supercell’s Brawl Stars, a fast-paced MOBA known for its diverse game modes, recently introduced Trophy Escape in its Season 24: Sands of Time update.

This mode was anticipated to add a thrilling solo experience, diverging from traditional game modes with its unique mechanics and win conditions.

However, the reception has been less than favorable, with many in the community quickly criticizing the mode for encouraging passive and unengaging gameplay, predominantly due to rampant bush-camping strategies.

The discontent stems from the mode’s similarity to the game’s Solo Showdown, but with intensified issues related to camping.

One player expressed their disappointment, saying, “Trophy Escape is Horrible… It’s literally Solo Showdown, but on steroids. Everyone will camp in bushes, and there’s no way around it.”

The criticism highlights the mode’s failure to innovate, reducing the gameplay to a hide-and-seek affair dominated by assassins like Kit or Cordelius, earning it the moniker “Assassin City.”

Despite the low trophy loss on death, players find it challenging to advance or enjoy the mode, underlining a significant disconnect between the mode’s design and player expectations.

byu/Mother_Boat_3414 from discussion

Some community members see the mode’s issues as inherent to the extraction genre, arguing, “This gamemode is clearly supposed to be BS’s take on an extraction mode. There’s not much they can do to prevent ratting unless they completely rework the gamemode.”

Yet, others believe the problem lies not with the mode but with the map design, suggesting, “The map promotes camping… I’d personally wait until I try other maps to come to a conclusion.”

Despite these challenges, Trophy Escape was meant to enrich Brawl Stars’ gameplay by incorporating novel features such as collecting trophies, battling for survival, and escaping through portals. Its aim was to push players to adapt and strategize uniquely, though it appears the execution has not lived up to expectations for many.

As feedback pours in, it will be crucial for Supercell to address the community’s concerns, whether through adjustments to the game mode or map designs, to ensure Trophy Escape can find its place among the beloved roster of Brawl Stars’ game modes without encouraging passive gameplay tactics.

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