Welcome to your go-to guide for the Best Nani Build in Brawl Stars! If you’re looking to maximize your gameplay with Nani, you’ve found the right place.

We’ll dive into the best Gadget, Star Power, and Gears for Nani, tailoring our advice to her unique abilities and playstyle. Nani’s long-range damage capabilities and her drone, Peep, make her a formidable opponent. Stick around to learn how to optimize her build for your battles in Brawl Stars.

Updated on February 8, 2024: We’ve refreshed this guide to keep it current with Nani’s status in the Brawl Stars scene. As of now, Nani shines in the S tier, reflecting her potent performance across various modes. We’ve meticulously analyzed Nani’s performance and potential to ensure this guide reflects the best strategies for her. For a broader context on how she compares to other Brawlers, check out the Brawl Stars tier list.

Best Nani Build in Brawl Stars: Star Power, Gadgets & Gears (Feb 2024)  1

Best Gadget for Nani

Warp Blast and Return to Sender are both excellent gadgets for Nani, each serving its unique purpose. In Heist, Warp Blast is invaluable as it allows Nani to teleport to Peep’s location, offering strategic positioning and surprise attacks on the enemy safe.

On the other hand, Return to Sender is a game-changer when facing long-range sharpshooters like Piper or Brock. It not only minimizes the damage Nani takes but also turns the tables by reflecting 80% of the damage back to the attacker, making it an essential tool for dueling snipers.

Best Star Power for Nani

Tempered Steel is the top pick for Nani’s Star Power in almost every situation, offering an 80% reduction in damage while her Super is active. This incredible damage mitigation allows Nani to navigate the battlefield with increased survivability, making her tougher to take down while controlling Peep.

However, in modes like Bounty and Knockout, where survival and precision are key, players might opt for a different strategy, but Tempered Steel’s value in providing durability to an otherwise fragile Brawler is unmatched.

Best Gears for Nani

For gears, the Super Charge and Damage Gears are generally the go-to choices for Nani, enhancing her Super’s charge rate and her damage output when her health is below 50%. These gears synergize well with her playstyle, emphasizing her strength as a high-damage dealer from a distance.

However, when facing snipers like Piper or Mandy, or in Heist mode, switching to the Gadget Charge gear is advisable. It grants an additional use of her Warp Blast, further increasing her mobility and strategic positioning capabilities.

By following this guide, you’ve learned the optimal setup for Nani in Brawl Stars, from her gadgets and star power to the best gears for different situations. Whether you’re teleporting across the map with Warp Blast or reflecting damage with Return to Sender, these recommendations will help you leverage Nani’s full potential. Remember, the key to mastering Nani is in strategic positioning and making the most of her unique abilities.

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