NIJISANJI slammed after using top Vtubers to unveil Selen Tatsuki's legal charges 1

NIJISANJI EN’s three most-subscribed Vtubers reveal Selen Tatsuki’s legal complaints against the company one week after Selen’s untimely termination. 

Just when the public thought that tides had calmed between Dokibird (previously known as Selen Tatsuki) and her former company, NIJISANJI, the plot continued to swell as the Japanese agency revealed that their former Vtuber filed legal measures against them. 

One week after the announcement of Selen Tatsuki’s contract termination, three of NIJISANJI’s top English Vtubers went live to discuss a lawsuit filed by their previous agency member. On the evening of February 12, Elira Pendora, Vox Akuma, and Ike Eveland went live on Youtube to reveal the details of the private legal documents. 

Dokibird filed a private legal complaint against her former agency on the grounds of her contract termination. However, NIJISANJI EN Vtubers retaliated as their identities were “doxxed” in the said legal files. 

NIJISANJI EN Vtubers claims Selen Tatsuki doxxed them on legal charges

The live stream on Elira Pendora’s account lasted precisely 15 minutes. The agency received documents from Selen’s lawyers that contained her experiences with the company and the personal details of NIJISANJI EN’s livers. 

At the start of the live stream, Elira prefaces that they are aware of the sensitivity of the subject matter. The three state that the Livers (people behind Vtuber characters) were concerned about the legal documents containing their private identities and whether the paper would ever go public. 

Furthermore, the Vtubers also refute the instances Selen Tatsuki initially recalled during the announcement of her termination. The Vtubers stated that Selen has been given proper communication on events, and “each time she would refuse to cooperate, and when staff would react appropriately.” 

The three Vtubers state that they went live over the threat of the document ever being publicized, despite Selen’s attorneys stating her wishes for the proceedings to be kept private. 

However, the live stream did not seem to favor NIJISANJI’s declining popularity with its fans. Dokibird’s fans and various other NIJISANJI audiences participating in the #SinkTheYacht campaign took to social media to express their disappointment in how the agency handled the situation. 

Moreover, the fans frowned upon the agency for using three of their biggest Vtubers as a “meatshield” to address the issues involving the company. As of writing, Elira, Vox, and Ike lost up to 10,000 subscribers on their respective channels. 

Despite NIJISANJI’s claims that Selen’s removal has no financial repercussions to the company, the stocks of its mother company, Anycolor Inc., continue to plummet after the contract termination announcement. 

Dokibird reacts to Elira, Vox, and Ike’s announcement

Shortly after Elira’s livestream, Dokibird asserted that the legal documents were not supposed to be shown to anyone except the company and her legal team. Furthermore, she states there is no intention to publicize the document and “doxx” other Vtubers as the legal proceedings also contain her personal details. 

Dokibird is currently in talks with her lawyers on how to navigate the future of the situation. 

As of February 13, 2024, Dokibird has over 497,000 subscribers on YouTube, surpassing her former agency mates in NIJISANJI. 

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