NIJISANJI claims Selen Tatsuki termination will have "negligible financial effects" 1

After calls for boycotts and #SinkTheYacht campaign on social media, NIJISANJI asserts that the controversial termination of Selen Tatsuki’s contract will have “negligible financial effects” on the agency.

The drama between NIJISANJI and its community of fans continues to swell as the campaign to unsubscribe other NIJISANJI talents massively persists on social media. 

After Selen Tatsuki’s controversial separation from the Japanese virtual YouTuber agency, most of her fans stormed social media platforms, calling for boycotts against the company.

Furthermore, the topic SINK THE YACHT rose to the trending charts on X amid the calls to massively unsubscribe from other NIJISANJI Vtubers. 

NIJISANJI unfazed by massive unsubscribing campaign 

Amid the backlash, NIJISANJI asserts that Selen Tatsuki’s termination is not of concern in terms of the financial status of the agency.

In a recently released two-sentence document on the agency’s official website, NIJISAN states that the impact of Selen’s termination on their financial results is “negligible.” 

NIJISANJI claims Selen Tatsuki termination will have "negligible financial effects" 2

However, some keen followers of the topic were quick to research the seemingly sinking stocks of NIJISANJI after the contract termination announcement.

According to a screen capture made on the morning of February 7, the company lost up to 22 Billion JPY worth of stocks after the announcement. 

Beyond the company, NIJISANJI Vtubers are also on the receiving end of the campaign after Selen Tatsuki (now known as Dokibird) detailed that a “toxic and poor working environment” led to an attempt and her eventual separation from the agency. 

Furthermore, both parties suggest that bullying from fellow NIJISANJI Vtubers was involved in the contract termination. Some fans took it to their hands to call for “justice” over Selen Tatsuki’s unexpected departure and were eager to figure out the culprit behind the bullying. 

Many fans are eager to support Dokibird’s new chapter while still calling for boycotts towards NIJISANJI. Some are also worried about the status of other Vtubers, as Selen’s sudden contract termination is not an isolated case in the agency. 

Dokibird, Selen Tatsuki’s new persona, is set to return to streaming before the Lunar New Year. She notably gained 200 thousand subscribers on YouTube in a day amid the termination controversy.

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