Selen Tatsuki's new Youtube Channel, Dokibird, reaches 200k Subscribers

Less than a day after NIJISANJI announced Selen Tatsuki’s contract termination, the Vtuber amassed a whopping 200k subscribers under the new persona Dokibird. 

Japanese virtual YouTuber (Vtuber) agency NIJISANJI surprised their fans and other Vtubers after announcing the termination of Selen Tatsuki’s contract on February 5. The Vtuber released her new persona and YouTube channel, Dokibird, shortly after the termination. 

Dokibird, formerly known as Selen Tatsuki, was quick to clarify the terms and reasons for the termination of her former company detailed in the three-page announcement. Dokibird clarified that living under ‘toxic and poor conditions’  led her to an “attempt” and tried to sever her ties with the agency prior to the termination. 

NIJISANJI and Selen Tatsuki fans quickly came to her side and supported Dokibird on her new journey under her new channel. Not even a day after the announcement of the new persona, Dokibird’s YouTube account reached 200k subscribers even before her first stream. 

Fans and moderators show support to Dokibird

Hours after the NIJISANJI announcement, many fans, merchandise resellers, and commissioned artists quickly sided with Dokibird, even renouncing their ties with the Japanese agency

Meanwhile, Dokibird’s stream moderators under Selen Tatsuki also did not hesitate in showing their support for the Vtuber’s new persona. The moderators even took it as far to reinstate an offline live stream on the Selen Tatsuki Youtube account to promote Dokibird socials and boost her subscribers. 

Furthermore, online backlash towards NIJISANJI’s unfair treatment of their talents and inconsiderate termination of Selen Tatsuki’s contract continues to spread online. With some Vtuber fans calling the agency a “black company,” a Japanese term for businesses with an exploitative system. 

Several artists and fans were also show their early support with Dokibird fanarts, dedicated fan accounts, and using the hashtag #WhereIsSelen on social media to spread awareness on the Dokibird persona. 

Dokibird stated her desire to come back to streaming on or before the Lunar New Year.

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