NIJISANJI faces massive backlash and boycotts after termination of Selen Tatsuki’s contract 1

NIJISANJI EN announced the termination of VTuber and Apex Legends streamer Selen Tatsuki’s contract after over a month of absence and speculation. Soon after, Selen has clarified the reason for the untimely separation. 

Japanese virtual YouTuber agency NIJISANJI surprised its community on February 5, 2024, when it announced the termination of Vtuber Selen Tatsuki’s contract. In a three-page document, the company details the reasons for Selen’s surprising termination, citing “repeated breaches of contract” and “misleading statements.” 

This announcement follows Selen’s strange one-month absence on streaming and social media platforms. The separation also revolves around a music video Selen Tatsuki released on December 26 that was apparently unpublished by NIJISANJI due to “lack of permission.”

Not long after NIJISANJI’s announcement, Selen Tatsuki – now rebranded as Dokibird, released her statement and her side of the story. 

Selen Tatsuki reveals that she asked for separation from NIJISANJI before contract termination

In her new X profile, @dokibird, Selen details that she was hospitalized due to an “attempt” after being subject to bullying and a toxic environment. 

Selen, now publicly known as Doki due to copyright reasons, counters NIJISANJI’s claim that other Livers working under the agency “have not engaged in unjust practices towards Selen Tatsuki.” 

NIJISANJI further claims that Selen caused irreparable damage to the company and described the contract termination as “inevitable.” The agency then announced the closure of all social media profiles associated with Selen Tatsuki and all merchandise and content related to her character to be discontinued. 

Selen Tatsuki’s group and Vtuber Generation under NIJISANJI, OBSYDIA, will continue with its two remaining members, Rosemi Lovelock and Petra Gurin. 

Meanwhile, Selen expressed eagerness to return to streaming as Dokibird and announced her hopes to return in time to spend the Lunar New Year with her community. 

NIJISANJI faces massive backlash, with fans showing solidarity with Selen Tatsuki

Shortly after the announcement, Selen Tatsuki’s fans, other artists, and fellow streamers took to social media to show their support for the former NIJISANJI Vtuber. 

In the termination announcement, the agency details that Selen’s lack of communication resulted in “delays in commission payment to creators.” However, artists and creators who previously worked with the Vtuber were quick to come to her side. 

Moreover, other NIJISANJI Vtubers and affiliated streamers also announced social media breaks and paused streaming in light of recent events. Fellow OBSYDIA member, Rosemi Lovelock, expressed sadness “with everything going on.” 

Some resellers of NIJISANJI merchandise expressed their decision to stop distributing products coming from the agency. Artists and animators who previously worked with the Japanese agency also announced that they will “no longer be working with NIJISANJI.” 

Many fans are waiting for Doki’s return to streaming and have expressed their dedicated support to the Vtuber as she builds her new brand outside of her former agency.

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