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Mining in Palworld is a crucial activity for resource gathering, and selecting the right Pals for this task can significantly enhance your efficiency.

Here are insights into the top Pals for Mining in Palworld, ensuring you make the most out of your mining endeavors. You can also check out our guides about the best Pals in Planting, Gathering, and Watering to help you select the best Pals for the job!

Best Pals for Mining in Palworld


Blazamut is known for its impressive level 4 Mining and level 3 Kindling. Blazamut stands as a powerhouse in Mining, Kindling with a fiery edge.

Blazamut is a really late game Pal (ConCon)

Where to Catch Blazamut

Blazamut is more of a late-game Pal, found in high-level areas like the Wildlife Sanctuary 3 at the top right of the map, and its Mining capabilities are unparalleled. If you’re aiming for the best, Blazamut is worth the effort. Its Alpha version is level 49, located at coordinates -434 and -532.

Blazamut can be located at Wildlife Sanctuary 3 (ConCon)


Astegon is another late-game Pal that shines with a Mining level 4. While it’s focused solely on Mining, its specialization makes it a valuable asset for intensive mining operations.

Astegon is a very endgame Pal (ConCon)

Where to Catch Astegon

Astegon is primarily found in high-level areas, including the volcano biome, but can also very rarely spawn at the Wildlife Sanctuary 3. Its Alpha version is level 48, located in a cave at coordinates -570 and -415. You can breed Astegon by combining Cryolinx and Helzephyr.


Digtoise is more of an accessible option. Digtoise offers a Mining level of 3. You can find it in the wild around level 30 or opt to breed it for quicker access. It’s a solid choice for players who are still progressing through the game but need efficient mining assistance.

Best Mining Pals in Palworld 2
Digtoise is a level 3 miner available in the early game (ConCon)

Where to Catch Digtoise

Digtoise is easily accessible early game. You can check out this guide to know more about where to find Digtoise.


Menasting boasts levels of 3 in Mining and 2 in Lumbering. Menasting is not just a miner but can also be efficient in Lumbering.

Best Mining Pals in Palworld 3
Menasting can do what it is needed to do in Mining and Lumbering (ConCon)

Where to Catch Menasting

Menasting can be found in Wildlife Sanctuary 2. Menasting can also be caught in its Alpha form at level 44 in coordinates 492 and 78.

Menasting can be found in Wildlife Sanctuary 2 (ConCon)


Reptyro is a balanced miner and kindler, both at level 3. Reptyro is ideal for those seeking a Pal that can handle both Mining and Kindling tasks.

Reptyro can both do Mining and Kindling (ConCon)

Where to Catch Reptyro

Initially found in the volcano area around level 30. Breeding is a viable option to obtain Reptyro at a lower level, making it a practical choice for your mining needs.

Reptyro can be found in the volcano biome (ConCon)


Anubis is an all-rounder with Mining level 3, Handiwork level 4, and Transporting level 2. While it’s challenging to catch in the wild due to its high level, breeding offers an easier path to acquire this versatile and efficient miner.

Best Mining Pals in Palworld 4
Anubis can help at Handiwork and Mining (ConCon)

Where to Catch Anubis

Anubis can be quite hard to come by, but you can get its Alpha version at coordinates -134 and -96.

Best Mining Pals in Palworld 5
Anubis Alpha version location (ConCon)

Mining with Your Pals: Tips and Tricks

Location Matters: Where you find or breed your Pals can impact their levels and abilities. High-level areas typically offer more powerful Pals, but breeding can be a strategic way to obtain strong Pals earlier in your journey.

Breeding for Efficiency: If a high-level Pal is out of reach, consider breeding. This not only gives you access to powerful Pals at a lower level but also allows you to potentially enhance their abilities through selective breeding.

Versatility Is Key: Some Pals, like Menasting and Anubis, offer skills beyond Mining. Choosing such Pals can add flexibility to your gameplay, allowing you to switch between tasks without needing to change your Pal lineup.

Video Guide

Want a video guide? Visit ConCon’s explanation about the best Pals for Mining in Palworld.

Mining in Palworld is more than just a resource-gathering activity. It’s about strategizing and choosing the right Pals to maximize efficiency and progress. With these insights, you’re now equipped to make informed decisions about which Pals to employ for your mining operations, ensuring a smoother and more productive journey in the world of Palworld.

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