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Are you looking for ways to optimize your farming in Palworld? Let’s dive into the best Pals for Planting work at your base.

Whether you’re new to Palworld or an experienced player, these tips will definitely enhance your farming strategy.

Best Pals for Planting in Palworld

When it comes to farming in Palworld, it’s essential to choose Pals that excel in Planting. Planting is a critical phase in seed growth, involving three stages: Planting, Watering, and Gathering. The Pals I’m going to recommend are excellent at Planting.

Petallia: A Versatile Choice for Your Farm

First up is Petallia. This Pal shines with a level 3 skill in Planting and has additional skills in Handiwork, Gathering, and Medicine Production. Petallia is versatile for managing a farm and can be caught in the wild at level 28. You can also get Petallia by breeding Sweepa and Rooby.

Best Planting Pals in Palworld 2
Petallia is a great Pal to have at your base for managing a farm (ConCon)

How to Breed Petallia

Breed Petallia: To breed Petallia, you’ll need a Sweepa and a Rooby, one male and one female. Place them in your Breeding Farm, and soon you’ll get a Huge Verdant Egg that will hatch into Petallia. This method is efficient and allows you to obtain Petallia at a lower level than catching her in the wild.

Best Planting Pals in Palworld 3
Breed Sweepa and Rooby to get Petallia (ConCon)

Lyleen: The Endgame Farm Manager

If you’re aiming for top-tier farming efficiency, Lyleen is your go-to Pal. Lyleen has an impressive level 4 skill in Planting, along with high skills in Handiwork, Gathering, and Medicine Production. While Lyleen usually appears at over level 40 in the wild, you can breed her at around level 20.

Best Planting Pals in Palworld 4
Lyleen is an end game Pal for managing Farm (ConCon)

How to Breed Lyleen

Breeding Lyleen can be quite a lot of work since you might not have the Pals required early on but I will show here how to get those other Pals in order to get Lyleen in the end. Note that you need one male and one female to breed Pals.

To breed Lyleen, you’ll need a Petallia (which you can breed as mentioned above) and a Mossanda. Mossanda can be a bit trickier to obtain since it appears at level 25, but you can breed it using Sweepa and Sibelyx.

Best Planting Pals in Palworld 5
Breed Sweepa and Sibelyx to get Mossanda (ConCon)

Sibelyx is a breed of Nitewing and Cinnamoth, both of which are found at level 20 in various locations across the game world. By breeding these Pals, you can create Mossanda, and subsequently, Lyleen, even if you’re around level 20.

Best Planting Pals in Palworld 6
Breed Nitewing and Cinnamoth to get Sibelyx (ConCon)

To breed Lyleen, place Mossanda and Petallia in the breeding farm. The Huge Verdant Egg they produce will hatch into Lyleen. Breeding Lyleen may be a lot of work but it is worth it for Lyleen’s exceptional farming abilities.

Best Planting Pals in Palworld 7
Breed Petallia and Mossanda to get Lyleen (ConCon)

Video Guide

Want a video guide? Check out ConCon’s comprehensive guide on the best planting Pals in Palworld and how to get them.

Choosing the right Pals for planting work is crucial for efficient farming in Palworld. Petallia and Lyleen are excellent choices, offering a blend of planting, gathering, and additional skills that will make managing your farm a breeze. With these Pals, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the challenges of Palworld farming, regardless of your level.

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