Digtoise: Where to Find and Catch in Palworld 1

Are you on the hunt for a top-notch mining companion? Look no further than the Digtoise, a powerhouse in the world of Palworld.

Today, I’ll guide you through everything you need to know about locating and catching a Digtoise in Palworld. Trust me, with a Digtoise by your side, mining will be a breeze!

How to Find and Catch Digtoise

Preparing for the Journey

Digtoise: Where to Find and Catch in Palworld 2
You’ll definitely want a Tropical Outfit to help with the journey (Level Up)

Before setting out, it’s crucial to gear up appropriately. Once you’ve hit level 9, make unlocking the Tropical Outfit your priority. This outfit is key for venturing into warmer regions where Digtoise thrives. Though it’s not the best for protection, it’s your ticket to those hotspots.

Digtoise Location in Palworld

Digtoise: Where to Find and Catch in Palworld 3
Fast-Travel to Cinnamoth Forest and then fly up to where Anubis can be found (Level Up)

Digtoise can be found in a few locations, but there’s one spot that stands out, especially for early-game players. Head over to the Cinnamoth Forest. Here’s a quick way to get there:

  1. Fast-Travel to the Cinnamoth Forest: This is your starting point.
  2. Fly North: Aim for the area near where Anubis is typically found.
  3. Look for the Beach: Upon landing, keep your eyes peeled for the beach area. That’s where Digtoise likes to hang out.
Digtoise: Where to Find and Catch in Palworld 4
Digtoise can usually be found close to beach on this marker (Level Up)

Besides Digtoise, you might encounter a Dumud, another mining Pal with Level 2 mining capability. While Dumud’s are decent, Digtoise is the real gem due to its superior Level 3 mining skill.

How to Catch Digtoise in Palworld

Once you spot Digtoise on the beach, it’s time to catch it. Remember, Digtoise is a high-defense creature, so approach with a strategy. Make sure to damage Digtoise and reduce its health before using a Pal Sphere or a Mega Sphere for a higher chance of successful capture.

The Many Perks of Digtoise

Digtoise isn’t just a mining marvel. This Ground-type Pal is also known for its powerful defense and a range of active skills, including Aqua Gun and Rock Lance. When it comes to work suitability, Digtoise is unmatched with a Level 3 in mining. Plus, it can drop ore and high-quality power oil, making it a valuable asset for any adventure.

Breeding for a Digtoise

Want to breed your own Digtoise? Combine a Lamball with a Beakon. Or try combining a Cattiva with a Beakon. The result? Your very own drilling champion!

In summary, catching a Digtoise in Palworld is a game-changer for your mining adventures. Remember to equip the Tropical Outfit, head North from Cinnamoth Forest, and keep an eye out for that special beach area. Happy mining and best of luck catching your Digtoise!

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