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Welcome to the world of Palworld, where managing your farm efficiently can be as thrilling as exploring vast landscapes or engaging in epic battles.

Today, let’s focus on a crucial aspect of farm management in Palworld – Watering. Getting this right can be the difference between a thriving base and a struggling one.

Best Pals for Watering in Palworld

In Palworld, different Pals excel at different tasks like Planting, Gathering, etc. For Watering, certain Pals can significantly boost the efficiency of your farming operations. Let’s explore the best Pals for this job.

Azurobe: The Specialized Water Dragon

Azurobe, a water dragon type Pal, is highly suited for watering with a level 3 Watering. What makes Azurobe special is its dedication to the task at hand. It focuses solely on watering, ensuring that your farms and plantations are consistently tended to without any distractions.

Best Watering Pals in Palworld 2
Azurobe is an excellent Watering Pal (ConCon)

Where to Get Azurobe

Azurobe can be caught early in the game. Azurobe can be caught at level 17 at a Boss Fight in the middle of an ocean at coordinates -53, -388.

Jormuntide: The Ultimate Watering Pal

Jormuntide takes watering to a whole new level with its level 4 Watering capability. Known as the fastest watering Pal in the game, Jormuntide’s efficiency is unparalleled. It’s a perfect choice for covering all your watering needs with speed and precision.

Best Watering Pals in Palworld 3
Jormuntide is the best Watering Pal (ConCon)

Where to Get Jormuntide

Jormuntide can be caught at level 45 in two raid locations. The first one is at coordinates -175, -267, while the other location is at coordinates 350, -86. You can also choose to breed Jormuntide to get it early in the game.

How to Breed Jormuntide

To breed Jormuntide, you’ll need Sweepa and Grizzbolt. Sweepa is easy to get. You can get a level 11 Sweepa in a raid in coordinates -226, -593. On the other hand, Grizzbolt can be caught in the Wildlife Sanctuary located at the bottom right of the map. Take the Sweepa and Grizzbolt at the Breeding Farm, and they’ll produce a Huge Dragon Egg. The Huge dragon Egg will hatch into Jormuntide.

Best Watering Pals in Palworld 4
Breed Sweepa and Grizzbolt to get Jormuntide (ConCon)

Video Guide

Want a video guide? Check out ConCon’s guide about the best Watering Pals in Palworld and how to get these Pals.

By strategically utilizing Azurobe and Jormuntide, you can efficiently manage the watering needs of your Palworld base.

Remember, Azurobe is great for steady maintenance, while Jormuntide, with its level 4 watering capability, can handle tasks at an extraordinary speed. Happy farming and watering in Palworld!

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